Friday, October 02, 2009

Now that i think of it. It's quite amusing to see a mother's reaction when some ungracious driver bullies her kin who is driving.

I wouldn't go so far as to say: Beware, do not step on mommy's toes when daughter is driving (because after all, what can she do right?), but i would say, boy, my mommy ain't afraid to give 'im a good stare through the window!

You can sense the motherly instincts rising, her sense of justice and her protective support for her offspring (of course, if i ain't in the wrong lah).


Happened to watch a pretty old show called Centrestage (2000) last night. I am SO awestruck by the dancers (ballet dancers, in particular). I mean, the acting was so-so, no big names, but it was the grace and beauty of their movements whether fast or slow, and i could somehow understand a tiny bit what they were communicating through their bodies! I was ENTHRALLED.

Although i've got NO training whatsoever in dance, there's a part of me that just knows a good performance from a not so good one. Of course not as zhai as professionals, but somehow the sense of structure, flow, beat, angle, just resonate inside me so much so that it's just a sense i get.

I was so inspired that i wanted to get onto my feet and dance but i knew... my neighbours downstairs wouldn't be pleased with a bumbling elephant thumping above them at 11pm.


zzen said...

no lor, u are nt elephant if u want. have some fun!

Joline said...


maybe i should next time! just to let loose a little... less inhibition sometimes is nice. :)

just got to make sure that my family is asleep! dont want them coming out to see me though. hahaha.

i rememeber once when i was a primary 1 school going kid, i came home after school and somehow was so inspired to dance, so i did, all around the study room. and i thought i was all alone, so i was really just prancing about being really free to move as i pleased. little did i know that when i stopped and turned to go out, my mom had been watching. and i think... if i remember, she had a funny little smile on her face. :)

Anonymous said...

you know, i always wanted to dance. But somehow it didn't happened. I am always inspired by people who dances to hip hop tunes and to ball room classics. Sigh. I WANNNNNTTT!


ps: though it's still not to late now, it's different. sigh.

Sensei Lucille said...

i want to dance too...!

zzen said...

woah so many pple want to dance. shall we organise a xmas dancing party? then we all dance and hug together....and shout "MERRY XMAS!!!" at the top of our lungs!!!!