Friday, October 16, 2009

Attempting to make a chocolate fudge cake... ;) But i'm calculating if i can afford the time to do so...
Well, if it happens, stay tuned for photos!

Thoughts at 9am in the morning:

1) Had put the car wind screen wipers on max speed this morning due to the rain... They were moving at such a madly frenzied pace that i giggled to thought to myself that they looked like they were on drugs.

2) So i got out of the car and got some rain on myself. When i entered the lift, my first thoughts and instincts were: "Cold. Wet. Now shake your fur from side to side." (A sure sign that a human being has been living for a long time with a dog)


zenn said...

oppppps...where is ur chocolate cake?

zzen said...

u are so funny.indeed u r a dog person!

joline said...


i didn't make it in the end cos i didn't have the time. next time! and soon, hopefully. :)

yes, i am a dog person! :))) Generally, i really like animals.

zzen said...

oh well, u get the chance to make it somehow someday. dun worry, is a valuable intrinsic skill. u wont lose it.

Joline said...


finally made my chocolate cake!