Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I typed out an email telling my pastor that I am unable to go to Maliana for the mission trip this december. I had tears in my eyes as i finished typing out the email. It is due to school, finances, due to family issues, that made me sigh and decide that I could not afford to go.

Maliana (in East Timor) was my very first mission trip destination, and that place and the children there have a very deep and special place in my heart.

I was about to click on "send". But something in my heart pulled back and i just clicked on "save now". I don't know when that email will be sent.

God, is this you telling me to go, is this me being reluctant to allow you to make a way for me? Or is this just a fact of life that I have to give this one a miss again?


zzen said...

dun be sad. the day will come when u can go again.

Joline said...


i sure hope so...
I wanna pass the neighbouring kids something nice if the team goes over without me.

zzen said...

i see. hw about watches? or books?sth educational?

Joline said...


books sound nice... watches sound nice too. wonder where i can get decent ones.

generally, not really sure of what i should get, short of getting them nice chocolate. haha. :)

Hannah said...

hey joline!

your Sekrit Stalker reveals herself, hurhur. hannah from church here (: saw your post and wanted to say there are slots now on the team so if you haven't decided it'd be super nice if you could come! but ps jenn's not going anymore ):

this post was quite a while ago though so you probably decided already... but just thought i'd leave a note!