Monday, September 21, 2009

I just made the most AWESOMEST codfish dish! I'm SO AWED!!! (k, totally not shy about it. :-D)

Ok, it started with remembering that i had some codfish in the freezer and it was perfect for dinner. Took it out to defrost while i looked for a recipe. I found a fairly simple one, but along the way, i spruced it up.

It's REALLY easy once u already have the ingredients. I would say it's almost idiot proof...

Ingredients (from the website):

cod fish (3cm thick is good)
a few slices of Australian mild cheddar cheese
Sliced fresh tomato
Dill weed (a herb)

Own fridge ingredients (to add some flavour/taste cos the original recipe sounded a bit bland. but i guess if you don't have the ingredients below, salting the fish earlier before cooking might do the trick. But don't overdo because the cheddar cheese will add some saltiness already):

Japanese onion dressing, Mizkan brand
Cayenne powder
Cajun seasoning powder

I used garlic butter to cook instead of the normal kind. To make garlic butter:

Salted butter, Golden Churn brand
Grated garlic
Parmesan cheese
Coarse Black pepper
Oregano leaves


Melt 1 tablespoon butter in fry pan. Fry cod fish fast on both sides 1 minute each side. Then put cheese slices and then tomato slices on top (or the other way around is fine). Sprinkle on top with dill weed. Sprinkle own fridge ingredients on top and onto pan (the jap dressing) itself. Cover pan and cook for 15 minutes on low flame. Do not turn fish.

It might look like a lot of work, so, like i said, if you already have the ingredients, you can whip it up in a flash with minimal washing too.

I suggest making the garlic butter beforehand.

Sorry ah. No photos, cos camera is with sister and i ate it up real quick.

:-9 *slurp!*

I notice that the stuff that i "anyhow" cook always turn out the best. While the ones where i plan meticulously and prepare for people usually turn out... Bleargh.


z said...

tat means u have a inner cook in u! go cook up a storm!geez. i going back to study liao.9 more days to test!arghhhhh

zz said...

i cant cook for dear sake. gosh.wat kinda ger m i? WAHAHA.ok i can do scaling and polishing just fine.WAHAHA

joline said...


haha, and i can't do scaling or polishing! so, we're even!

i'm pretty sure u can cook something simple. honestly, it's not like pple at home REALLY like my cooking. very often, they eat just a little bit of it, just to make me happy one.

unless it is fluke-good, then only they eat.

ALL the BEST for your test!!!

Anonymous said...

sigh. i wish i have the time to cook man. Haha.

But i want to jio you my pasta! it's super good (also not shy about it! haha). I'll cook for you one day kay!


joline said...


yes please invite me over! HEHE.

oh, i just bought this little book with 200 easy recipes from kino today (together with a book on exercises on the fitball ball). WOAH. shiok can, the recipes... and looks doable.

zzen said...

cooking is a valuable skill for a ger leh. who cares whether the ger can pluck teeth or give injections? tats so un-sexy.WAHAHAH ok kidding.

joline said...


haha, but that's pretty cool if u ask me. it's a specialized skill! but ok, at least for cooking, anyone can learn, if you just try.

zzen said...

it is nt cool when the kids are yelling for u to stop!oh is a nightmare. i dun plan to return at all