Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How can i forgive someone and move on with my life if the person in question may not have even repented, may not even be remorseful, may be living a life of continuous lying and deception? RIGHT IN MY FACE?

What's the point of so called being committed to moving on, forgiving, etc, when in the first place, the person on the other side hasn't even settled their side of the bargain.

Don't even think about building ANY relationship with me if you are still involved in your $%^&. As long as you are not clean from your wrongdoing, you're not getting ANY real respect from me.

Recently, we've been going through the topic of honour in church and i'm like. What the.


The very least i am doing is being civil because the person is a human being. That's ALL i can manage.


easy to say dun judge others lorz said...

u sounded angry. anger is one word short of danger.well, are there any probable reasonable reasons why this person refused to face up to his/her wrongdoings?why is he or she still lying? dun he or she care for ur feelings? at tis moment, u shud be more rational and nt emotional.but to me, there are some pple who still riled me with their actions. until now i have nt forgiven tat person.u know who rite? i have come to accept tat tats her choice in life.she make her decisions. who am i to care if she doesnt?

Joline said...

easy to say dun judge others lorz:

of course i am angry. but i am far from dangerous lah.........

i have no answers for those questions because i dont know myself. it is beyond my understanding.

yes, i know who you are talking about. and i understand how it must feel.

in my case, a bit the hard to overlook and care about what the person is doing because it affects the whole family very very deeply.

ivan li said...

hmm. this is the first time i see you blog this way. kinda' serious if you'd ask me. and i think it has been on-going for quite some time already.

c'mon cheer up! bake more potato stuff and post them on the blog to invite some laughs from me!

haha. i haven't been in church for long don't know how long. almost ancient. BUT. who cares? haha. - tsk tsk, anyway the post sounds like some people talking about me. ivan the liar blah blah. ahhh whatever! haha.

Anonymous said...

ure just collateral damage. lay off the anger and move on.

Joline said...


why are people saying such things?

ah, now no time to cook lah, life is consumed by school and practicum/work. Whatever precious pickings left is for my family.

yeah, things are tough, am hanging on to God in whatever ways i can.

Anonymous said...


if you don't have anything good to say, don't say. what good does it bring to you except telling the readers here that you are a wussy by being anonymous? well, if you dare, post your phone number here, i don't mind having an awesome chat with you. i am really chatty.

i struggled between staying quiet and responding to your nonsense. but i decided to respond anyways. although i don't think you care two hoots and I don't care either. if i am not a christian, i would have curse you and wish the same thing that had happened to Jo on you and I guarantee that you being so wussy WILL NOT be able to handle what she has graciously went through. But God is greater in me, so i will say "God bless you!"

and by the way, if what she is going and what she has been blogging disturbs you so much, then why are you still entertaining yourself here? Seriously, joke.

I really hope you read this... actually I also don't care. HAHHAHA.

With lots of love,

ivan li said...

cos' the other time i told brenda that i couldn't make it to church. but i still came anyway, it was communion (i always go for communion). so brenda (sec sch fella) saw me, and she shouted 'liar!' i was like WHAT THE HELL? in my head. seriously man.

people gotta watch their tongue.

haha ok la, think of the good days, and think that God will bring those good days back to your life.. (: no worries yeah! u got loads of support from us (regular readers, vanessa, and wei rong, and so many more ppl!)

zzen said...

yalor, wat are frends for? Cheer up.

Joline said...


thanks van for saying what needed to be said. apparently, the nature and use of a blog has been lost on some people.

i don't mind honest and constructive comments even if they are truths that're hard to swallow. but in future, destructive and ignorant comments shall be deleted/ignored, as suggested.


that must've stunned you... yikes. yeah, some restraint on her part could've been exercised.

yes, i'm REALLY thankful for the support i get from you folks here. I appreciate how you guys rally around me even if it's through this simple comment box!


:) You've been really sweet throughout this process. Thanks girl. :)