Monday, September 07, 2009

Was talking to one of the church leaders about dress code in church for leaders and on-stage worship team members.

While i totally understand their good intentions for not wanting us girls to wear sleeveless tops (leaders and on-stage musicians and singers), i can't help but feel that it's such an archaic rule in these recent times. It just reminds me of my ex-boyfriend who refused to allow me to wear sleeveless tops when we were together in junior college.

Sleeveless tops are SO normal these days. For me, they are staple because well, it helps me not get ARMPIT PATCHES from all that perspiration! I sweat a lot lor. And it's not as if i am dying to wear revealing clothes. The sleeveless tops i have are SO normal!

I commented to him: I wear sleeveless tops for practical reasons lor.
He shot back: I also wear slippers for practical reasons.

On hindsight, I should have told him that the issue is different. Slippers is a matter of just casting a presentable image. Sleeveless tops is a matter of seduction of the mind and/or having a presentable image. (Anyways, who says that you can't look presentable in a sleeveless top?)

So my question here is: So what is the difference if it is ok to choose to wear sleeveless tops OUTside of church? If the basis for not wearing them is to not stumble people, then we should not wear them AT ALL, for the good of ALL mankind, right?

But just think about it. No wearing of sleeveless tops AT ALL? Till you're like, 70 years old? Ridiculous!

It just reminds me again of how some people blame women for being raped because they wore seductive clothes. Do men not have parts of their brain meant for self control? Anyways, it's not just the clothes, but behaviour as well.. There is truth in saying that if a woman behaves like she wants trouble, then part of the blame is on her, but then again, can you honestly tell me if ANYONE really DESERVES to be raped?

My point here is: Choice. Whose choice? Freedom. Whose freedom? Logic. Whose logic?


I've currently taken to eating blocks of chocolate all by myself. hurhur. First, it was a cadbury milk choc and almond block, then it was a hershey's symphony milk choc and almond block, now it is a cadbury desserts creme brulee bar (courtesy of gem's mommy!).

I'm glad i'm meeting V to go jog later.


The bible says: "In your anger, do not sin."

Grr... While reversing out of my parking lot at HV yesterday, this driver in a mercedes wanted my lot and REFUSED to let me out because by moving, she would risk the chance that other drivers will get the lot. So she did not budge despite multiple horns from me (upon my sister's advice... otherwise i wouldn't dare and i didn't how know to because i don't know how the feeling of a horn blast is suppose to feel like.). Woah, i tell you. ALL she needed was to move forward a bit, but she NGIAH NGIAH didn't want to move, which meant that I could not move away, which meant that i was blocking the other cars in my awkward position and this caused a mini jam, with 3 cars lined up in front of me and don't know how many behind me.

Thankfully, there was space behind the mercedes to maneuver to allow the other cars to pass by first. Once the road was empty, i managed to drive out.

When we passed the driver, my sister and i were so curious to have a look at who that silly merc driver was. So inconsiderate!!!! My sister and i were quite disgusted.

I realized that quite a huge number of judgemental, angry, insulting thoughts can be generated just by driving and meeting such people on the roads.

Must guard my thoughts while driving man... Cos while it is natural to become angry, i cannot let the anger consume me and allow myself to speak negatvity into other people's lives.


Anonymous said...

haha. driving brings the worst of me too!

atta girl! you are not alone in this. But yea, the Merc is so inconsiderate. I think there are gonna be more on the road.


zzen said...

wats wrong with sleeveless tops ar? i dun find it seductive in any way. unless it is more revealing than sleevless top la. i think one can look totally presentable with sleeveless tops leh.....dun undstd some pple leh

Sensei Lucille said...

ya...what's wrong with sleeveless tops? you're only baring your arms...not your can arms look seductive?

joline said...


breathe in... breathe out...
must not let such pple bother me, life is already bothersome as it is!


precisely, i also think so. my guess is just that they want to protect us girls from zhao-genging on stage i guess.


beats me man. other than the risk of zhao-genging on stage, i personally don't see why it should be an issue.

Anonymous said...

nxt time horrrn and horrrrrn the idiot. den come out of ur car, knock hard on the merc's window, and shout loudly... NOBODY WILL TAKE UR SPOT, DUN BE AN IDIOT. MOVE FORWARD! IF U DUN MOVE, HOW I MOVE... IDIOT!

oh wait. I jus sinned, in anger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Hmm..if u have issues with this, why dont you talk about this with the person who gave such a rule? cos it seems through ur entry that there is strong disagreement..which i feel, should be communicated to him/her directly.

:) la

Joline said...


tempting... hurhur. but i'd never have the guts... unless it's absolutely crucial.


i do strongly disagree. and have decided to agree to disagree so as to drop the matter once i get it off my chest.