Thursday, September 24, 2009

HAHAH. In the spirit of Information-Retro-Singapore, i am typing this out in the font Courier.

Am doing my research on work trends in Singapore in the national library, and i'm not sure if i am looking in the wrong place but why are the collection of resources on Singapore so old here? The book covers are of designs coming from the 1970s and 1980s, sometimes, there are no designs, just fabric hard covers.

Some of the books are even formed from binding typewritten papers, with the courier font and uneven lines! The alphabets kinda float up and down on an imaginary horizontal line. The imperfaction is endearingly cute.

But most dui of all, is that i cannot find current information... GAH.


Anonymous said...

current info is avail online at singstats and the media section of individual govt. portals.

Joline said...


Thanks for the suggestion, i'll go see what i can garner from there. :)

zzen said...

try nlb's eresources? i tried searching there but nt much though. or u can try repository collection at national library

Joline said...


you're right, not much info at eresources. and yeah, repository collection is another option though i was a bit hesitant while i was there. thanks girl! :)

zzen said...

why dun u go NUS or NTU library? i went to NUS medical library before. very good books, u cant find anywhere else. or the other options is internet online book stores, some do offer peeks inside the book. but i dun tink u can find much of sg context though. or the other alternative is go polys, SP got pyschology course? to me poly libraries do have simple american books but those at NUS are more pro and chim la