Friday, July 24, 2009

Potato Bake Version 2

Cut up: 1 Red pepper, 1 big yellow onion, and grated a bunch of garlic. The pieces that were too small to grate are there on top of the peppers.

My cheddar cheese which i cut into small pieces, so that when the scattered pieces melt, they melt out evenly throughout the dish.

My button mushrooms. You decide how many you is want! :-P
Some random box of chicken nuggets that i found in the fridge. I've no idea who put them there and no one at home admits to its existence. Well, it no longer exists! It's going into the potato bake. :-D See the ones in aeroplane shapes. Hurhur. I toasted them so warm them up and give them a nice brown colour.
My grated garlic which i used to scatter in with the filling, as well as scattered on the top of everything with the cheese topping, mixed herbs and coarse black pepper (you'll see later on).
The boiled and scalloped potato base on the baking dish. OH YES. Don't forget to grease the base and sides of the dish with margarine or butter. This prevents the cheese and other stuff from sticking to it after some of it melts and burns slightly.
This is the cream i used. Instead of the 1 1/2 cups that i used in version 1, i used 1 instead. Healthier i guess. Less fat.
Fried up the bits of garlic, red pepper, onions, mushrooms in olive oil, and added a tiny amount of salt and black pepper.
Zees is the filling: red pepper, onions, mushrooms, diced chicken nuggets, grated garlic, cream and cheddar cheese, french onion soup, a bit of coarse black pepper again.

Put scalloped potatoes on top again with the grated garlic.
Top with mozarella cheese, cheddar cheese, mixed herbs, coarse black pepper. Dump in oven!

Ok, here we go. Kinda looks similar to version 1 anyway, but it's different on the inside!

Sitting pretty by the kitchen window. :-9
Close up for your viewing pleasure. Whee!
And finally... on the dinner table. It's a bit sad that i have to "force" my family to eat my stuff. I have to keep asking them if they've tried my food, or i have to bring a plate to them and ask if they want a bite. Only my dad took a portion by himself last night. Otherwise, no one other than myself and Van has eaten a decent portion! Grrr. I need food test subjects, and gem is too busy to stick around long enough to be one. I need daring, willing and FREE participants, or else the fridge will be full of stuff that i make and no one will eat!


zen said...

i can come ur house food leh...hahahaha.....i now break until august 17th....very fun to go ur house. but oh dear, i m scared of dogs.

zzen said...

maybe u cook less? a smaller qty can finish faster? or be a friendly neighbour.....distribute among them. i m sure they wont reject u

joline said...


for the effort i put in, i would rather make a bigger quantity. maybe i should go with the latter suggestion. Give food to my neighbour! We've done so before. :-DD Good idea.

joline said...


whoops. yeah, jed is part of the house experience...

zzim said...

yeah yeah. ur neighbours will be happy to feast on ur food....

IzzyBellyHoo said...

how come the nuggets are "shaped" in some odd/cute way???

willing party here!!!!!!!!!!! :P

darn it...sometimes i wish i still live "next door"....

i'm gonna try baking stuff this hols...maybe we can find a day and trade our food! mine's dessert!! :D

Joline said...


heh heh, i hope so.


the nuggets came from a box, those instant food that you defrost and toast right away. yeah, i wish you lived next door too. it makes sharing and meeting so much easier! like how van and i meet for runs and also pass food and other stuff to her.


IzzyBellyHoo said...

yea serious...i am sick at the moment, but i when i get better i will try to bake a cake and i'm thinking of cupcakes too. not sure if they'll be successful but hopefully.....

i tried making agar agar last week and it did not turn out well...and agar agar is pretty easy to make! apparently i added too much water...oops...

joline said...


aiyo izzy.... hahahha...
oh, no, are you flu-ing?

you're into dessert making?

bake a cake!!