Thursday, July 30, 2009

Driving Instructor Uncle Vocabulary Trivia


Generous = Dangerous
Hedges = Hazards
Kuiz = Squeeze
Prup = Pull Up

It's funnier when i get to pronounce it outloud for you! ;-P

Hello folks! For your and my entertainment, i shall now present you with a Driving Instructor Uncle Vocabulary Trivia! Try to guess what these words (really) are!

"Generous" = ?
"Hedges" = ?
"Kuiz" = ?
"Prup" = ?

Er, no prizes for right answers.


IzzyBellyHoo said...

woah! no clue man!!! so funny!!! then what did you do???

joline said...


every time he uses a "strange word", i had to sit there and sort through my vocab bank to figure out what exactly he was trying to say... like: "hm, now which english word sounds like the one that wld makes sense in the context of his sentence structure..."

hohohoh... and then i would either get (1) annoyed or (2) amused, depending on whether he was scolding me loudly or not. hahaha.

ivan li said...

lol. that's what you get for private instructors. last time i kenna #@%#@%#@$%#$% big time by teh instructor cos' i love to rev his stupid corolla. hahahaha. like uh-huh intial d.

joline said...


he isn't a private instructor, he's from a group but somehow i keep getting assigned to him.
why is his corolla stupid?