Saturday, July 18, 2009

1. Did i mention that beginner motorcyclists in the circuit (relative to beginner car drivers) and inconsiderate ones outside are really pesky. I tell you, they are asking for an accident to happen, with the way they simply shoot out from the lane without considering or even SEEING that a car is coming their way/coming out or that they are the vulnerable ones when they try to squeeze by the side of the car. Sheesh.

2. Kitchen is mine for the next few days! Hopefully i can be making food that people will enjoy eating (which happens to be the minority of the time).

3. Shape run is tomorrow. I hope my lungs and legs won't give me a hard time. I'm mentally strong (in my mind, 10km is considered an ok-not-that-long distance, and 5km is considered to be a fun run distance) but i'm physically kinda weak, for some weird reason despite having been training for months. And i have 7 other girls coming with me. WOW, RECORD NUMBER! FINALLY!


zzen said...

i agreed. those bikers drive hapzardly. as if they own the wary of them esp when u drive next to them.they like to cut here and there one.

Good to hear u go SHAPE Run wth ur frends. take care of ur knees though!!!

joline said...


survived the run! but i find that my timing of 40min is terrible in comparison to what i used to do in previous years! And i was already pushing myself a bit! :-( oh well. Getting old, maybe.

zeen said...

gosh, 40 min is lousy to u? wah, then u dunno my timing at fitness assessment day when i was at hpb last yr. i was like 20 over min for 2.4 km only lor.....dun push ur luck. ur knees are forever one....dun strain them anymore

joline said...


Sigh, true... I hear the choruses of al my friends to me, telling me not to run anymore... But i can't stop! I think i need to find a replacement still-sweat-inducing-aerobic sport asap.