Thursday, July 02, 2009

Part 2 of Home Cookout: Potato Gratin/Potato Bake

Just some of the ingredients... But i had more stuff sitting elsewhere. Like a packet of onion soup, cream, etc.
Slow fried (to caramelize) these yellow onions in a little olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper to taste.

Boiling the russet potatoes first before baking, otherwise it would take forever to bake and the cheese on top would burn to carbon!
Messy cross section. But just you wait! We have a potato base, onions, red and white cheese, chicken, ham, cream, dollops of butter, a sprinkle of salt, french onion soup.
The unbaked finished product. Topped with potatoes again, onions, mozarella chesse, coarse black pepper and mixed herbs.
Baking in zee oven!
Yummers. Everyone loved eet! For once, joline makes something that she didn't have to eat all by herself to finish it (like in most other cases because got no business from family members even...).

In future, i could add prawns, button mushrooms, red/green/yellow peppers and garlic. Muah hahaha...


Anonymous said...

Liting here: Can cook this for the next Lib Gang cookout!

joline said...


Sure!!! I would sincerely love to. ;-D Very easy to make.

So when will that lib gang cookout be?

;-) My place? Xiuhui's? Yali's? Yours?

zzen said...

child rearing skills, well noone is born with it ma. u just have to learn while kid grows. he is unique, n how can anyone prepare for each special kid?

joline said...


you know how some pple just have a natural toch with children? i don't think i have that.

zzen said...

natural touch with children? woah those are in the minority ma. most pple dun have ma. nvm, when the time comes, see how u think abt it

joline said...


minority seriously? haha. so funny then, a lot of pple around me like to handle children and really like em.

yeah, when the time comes, maybe my hormones might make me a bit more receptive to children. hur.

a child is a gift from god said...

dun worry, u will surely like kids, esp ur own. which mother will hate her kid?(minus the times he is notti)U will come to love them and when u love them, u automatically will be good with them.