Tuesday, May 19, 2009

absolute pain, absolute love, faith, grace and beauty

I tried to shower as fast as i could so that i could catch them awake before they slept. When i reached their room, it was pitch dark and i figured they had already dozed off. I poked around for my mum still so that i could just squeeze in next to her on the bed. I just felt like i needed the comfort so badly like a child all over again. I was thinking of giving up when i felt a hand firmly hold mine and pulling towards the other end of the bed.

So i slipped onto the bed next to my mum thinking that we'd just sleep in silence, but no. As she held my hand in hers, I heard her whispering something and i responded with a "huh?", but it dawned on me that she was praying. A few moments later, she pulled my right hand onto her chest and nestled it in my dad's left hand that she also pulled onto her chest, using her own to hold us together and I heard her praying more distinctly again for our family.

I started to cry and big, full tears rolled down my cheeks and landed on her pillow next to my ears and i could hear them going "thud" each time.

At intervals, she would carress my face and hair and pull my head close to her shoulder, and deliver a kiss on my head. Her shirt became soaked with my tears soon enough. In those moments, i really realized what a strong person my mum can be and more so, how she is a darn solid trooper, soldier, and a beautiful woman of God.


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sadz 4 u said...

joline, watever it is, we stand behind u.

joy! said...

love u jojo.. =]

Dear God, I pray for You sovereign hand to be upon jo and her family. Let Your comforting and healing presence be felt tangibly throughout the entire household, and would You be the strength and joy of jo's family thru it all. That they would all be able to be still and Know that You are God. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

joline said...

v, joy and sadz4u:thank you my friends, for being here for me and offering your words and prayers of support. my family needs it very badly. trying to function amidst it all.