Saturday, May 30, 2009

When a person has never gone through a certain lesson in life or have really felt how others felt in true empathy, they can only have an ideal idea of how things and people should be like.

As much as my heart does not wish to judge others, events of late has taught me never to assume and draw a boundary around the capabilities of a person based on who we know them to be personality-wise or what we think they are capable of doing.

You can never know a person in their entirety and humans are complex creatures.

So, i would appreciate it if you would pause for a moment to consider the weight of your words before telling me or others not to judge because you do not know what i or others have gone through. I have emphasized it to you and hopefully you have listened and heard the pain in my voice.

It hurt me to think that you think i judge others, but my aim has never been to judge people (my career choice forbids me to fyi). I may tell you in time to come what happened, and so you will understand.

Just know that while ideals are great if you can upkeep them, also remember that life is never ideal. I have tasted that in my own life. As i have already stated clearly to you, I simply have learnt not to be naive anymore regarding certain things and people. That is not tantamount to judging, i am simply just more aware.


zzen said...

if u recalled my sis's incident,i cant helped but judged her too. i know i have no say to wat she wants to do, or already did, but i cant helped judging becos i care.haiz. all i can say is u knw, even very close family dun necessarily have the same morals e views abt the same issues. i feel u feel the same as i felt is hard to accept the harsh truth.but i have more or less accepted it. i cant cut off all ties becos she is still someone i care.

joline said...


i get what you mean. because of your moral standing, you cannot help but judge her actions but it is impossible to just ignore her altogether since she is still flesh and blood... i've also been on that position before. this current situation is very different though.

z said...

take care, i still think u shud speak to someone professional abt it. it will help greatly.

joline said...


yeah i think i will... but i wonder if things are being swept under the carpet now that i'm trying to function daily. hm...