Friday, February 20, 2009

"Xiaojie xiaojie! Ting yi xia!" (include a line in dialect that means the same thing)
("Miss, miss, please stop!")

*jo turns around to see a hulking guy chasing from behind holding what looks like a magazine. does not notice this face.*

"Wo shi zhe ke ren..." *guy points at a photo of himself on a magazine photoshoot*

*at this, jo glances upwards slightly and with her peripheral vision, instantly recognizes the man!*

"Ni yao zhuo model mah?"
("Do you want to be a model?")

*jo waves hand at him to indicate "no" and smiles as politely (and uneasily) as possible and backs off*

"Ni shi xing jia po ren mah?"
("Are you singaporean?")

*jo says 'uh yes', and continues to back off and then turns to walk briskly away*

Guess who the man was? hint: the unfamous personality who lurks around orchard looking for girls to allow him to shape their eyebrows for them.

OH MAN... it was my first ever brush with this guy on the streets and i was alone and quite terrified! And so not flattered.... HAHHAHAHAHAA. But very amused!

He is actually taller than i had imagined him to be. And quite elaborately dressed... Like, glam streetwear and bling. (Er, not that i know what that really means but that was the first impression i got) Honestly, i really wonder how he survives living in Singapore. What does he do for a living? Does he have any family and actual friends? And more interestingly, how in the world does he constantly keep up his bizarre behaviour and personal opinions and viewpoints? Is he really, really like that?


Peace said...

I'm amazed...

joline said...


what are you amazed at? o.o

Peace said...

that he's still in the business

slow turtle said...

hey i met him before too! u know wat he asked me, he said are u local...then do u speak english?

i said:" i dont understand english"(IN ENGLISH)!

omg....i must be mad. i think he is very angry with me?

my sis said to me tat time: thats not funny.

But i just cant help laughing. even now i think of it. it is still funny to me ma....

Vicki said...

Oh my god you were stalked by Steven Lim? poor thing

joline said...


amazing right. how does he finance himself, he's a mystery!

slow turtle:

that IS funny!!! omg. i wonder what he was thinking after you said that. i would've loved to see his expression.


woah, long time no see! :oDDD
yeah man, i got a bit of a shock when i was simply minding my own business. but... i must say, it sure was amusement/entertainment in itself.

his blog is hilarious... (and delusional?)

z said...

hilarious?i think he is mad.deceiving himself.

joline said...


deception can only last for so long right? how does he cope unless he is genuinely a bit off the rocker (his perceived reality is considered real)

z said...

i mean he mentally disturbed=delusioned for so long.
opps, m i mean?