Friday, February 06, 2009

I am super dui because i've been attacked by mosquitoes for 3 nights already...

Mozzies at first bit my arms and legs and body, parts that were uncovered by my blanket during the 1st and 2nd nights. So i got fed up and made sure that i was fully covered except for my face. I tell you, i was so annoyed when while sleeping, i hear the buzzing of their stupid mozzie wings NEXT TO MY EAR! Half asleep, i slapped my hand over my ear like, twice.

Which was a half stupid move because each time i did that, i got temporarily and partially deaf.

Then last night, the $#$#%$%^% bugs couldn't get their fill from me via my legs and arms because they were covered so them bug freaks bit me all over my FACE! DARNIT! I have 6 mozzie bites on my forehead can? I awoke scratching my forehead furiously yesterday night. I know i have a high forehead but please man, just when my zits were clearing up?!?!??! They also bit me on my cheeks. So now it looks like i have big pimples all over my face. Looks aside, it ITCHES! ARGH.

Super pissed off! It's actually quite funny when i tell people about it, but when i look into the mirror and/or when i feel the tingle of the itch, i get really really disgruntled man. Can i say something in hokkien please.


Flying Dove said...

maybe should start sleeping with the windows closed....

Anonymous said...

close ur windows, spray ur room w insecticide, close ur door.

let the poison settle for 15+ mins.

tt is how i killed the buggers.

ps: u leave the room temporarily.

joline said...

flying dove:

huh.... but the breeze at night soo nice!


hahahha. yes. i shall do that soon. thanks! i used to do that when i was young but totally forgot about that method.

Peace said...

sleep with mosquito net like the olden days...

Anonymous said...

heh. just when you told me about the mozzie situation you are having at home, there came ONE teeny weeny mozzie in my room last night! you know how i know it was there, cos it flew passed my ear!!!!! and i knew i'm doomed for the night, and boy i'm right. haha.

i'm gonna KILL it tonight!!!


Ambrose said...

if you can't get hold of a mosquito net, and you love the breeze too much, AND if you hate using pesticides the way i detest them..
grab a towel, one long enough to cover ear to ear, damp it, and lay it over your face as you sleep.
you'll stay cool and as the wind blow past your face it's like a environment-friendly aircon, + no mosquito will bite you. they probably can't sense you either. wear pj's that are baggy, airy, so you'll feel cool, BUT wear them w long sleeves to cover as much skin as possible. ta-da! comfort + anti-mosquito.
Last but not least, call the pestbusters in the morn to clear the pests away.. probably some stagnant water somewhere nearby providing a convenient breeding ground... only females desiring to breed bite. males are friendly, and live very short lives. (funny how uncannily similar they are to us humans) ;p

Your Friendly Entertaining Unsuccessful PestBuster,

joline said...


Where to find eh... think i would rather kill the bugs!


HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA... so did u kill it?


HAHHAA, so funny lah you bro...

(we bite when provoked only!!! ok, except for some who bite for fun. those... ah, can kill off. hurhur.)

zzen said...

u know besides those very manual ways to get rid of mozzies. maybe u can try my way. wich is an super duper scientific way.

get ready for this shocking, earth shattering method:

put talcum powder all over ur body.


or buy a sth like a small machine, plug unto socket. it will emit a high frequency sound waves that only mozzies will hear. they will not bite cos they are scared of this waves.u can get this at diy stores, all my rooms have this device.

YOur very scientific but good looking pest ctrl combat team

zzen said...

forgot to add, u will find this in DIY works.nt verycheap.abt 9 to 11 does work i tell u. u wont hear it at all. but the mozzies will disappear as soon as u turn it on.

joline said...


How does that work? I'm sure mozzies can still poke despite the poweder...

Oh yes i heard about those plug in things. Maybe, i'll give that a try at the next opportunity.

So far, i have not heard from that mozzie in the past 2 nights. Thank God man. There was one night that i had severe sleep debt cos that thing woke me up a few times.

zenn said...

talcum powder does work for a while, cos the powder supposedly mask ur human scent. so tat it circles ard u, but blur blur u are human or nt?but after a while, the scent of the powder is gone, u must reapply