Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gah... i owe myself a ton of movies.

Changeling, Benjamin Button, The Reader, Slumdog Millionaire, Marley and Me, Transformers.


Vicki said...

i agree me too. last movie i caught was red cliff 2 during the first day of cny.

Marley and me is the one i wanna watch now cause its a dog movie and hey i love dogs

Anonymous said...

marley and me here we come!


joline said...


yesyesyes! be sure to catch it ok. u dont wanna have to wait long long for the dvd to come out. nothing like seeing a nice story unfold and cute dogs on the big screen. ;-)


I'm really excited. wish we could bring ice cream into the theatre though. i can imagine us giggling and squealing during the show...

~Z~ said...

huh u got read the book ma? it is more touching and tear-jerking than funny ma. esp at the end,i cried when i read the book.heavy hearted for so long~

joline said...


nope, i did not read it... looks like the book really affected you! must've been a very well written book... hee.

i wanna go into the theatre not knowing anything else other than it is a story abt a couple and their dog.

z said...

dear, marley is a book abt a dog. it is nt abt the couple.but then agn, book and movie are different things i guess. i still enjoyed the movie.but give me the book anytime. the movie seems to be more of the focus on the couple, wich is nt wat the book focused on.