Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Blessed New Year to Everyone!
(ok, the below is me trying on some bizarre hats from IKEA)

The Spider Cap

The Cake Head


I know that experts have predicted a really disasterous 2009 for Singapore, but you know, as long as we trust in Heavenly Father, there is nothing to worry about. Yes, what happens around us can appear frightening and threatening, but i believe that father will never let us starve. He takes care of his own children, we will always have enough. Maybe not extravagent, but enough. :-)

So, if you're facing uncertainty, just call on the name of Jesus. It does not matter if you believe in Him or not. You know, He believes in you and knows you personally. :-)
Ready to be surprised? All you need to do, is open your heart to Him.


Flying Dove said...

i like the cake hat...:)

joline said...

flying dove:

hahahha, why that one?

i thought it was such a bizarre choice of an item for a hat! So funny. Kudos to the designer.

Anonymous said...

haha. i saw this at ikea tooo! it's super cuuuutteee!

eh the kitty one makes you look kinky... hey kitty kitty kitty! hahaha. you naughty kitty!
(i think i am too excited about the interview later)

haha. love you babe.
happy schooling!


joline said...


KINKY?!?! Why can't cake heads be kinky too? (because it looks super retarded. but cuute. ha.)

*the cake hat now feels sad*

Flying Dove said...

haha i've always like cake fact I have a skirt with cake prints on it...