Saturday, April 05, 2008

long long ramble

So wot happened at the interview you ask? Firstly. It REALLY WAS 2 hours long. ha. And well, it went pleasantly enough. Read on for the details:

When i arrived, i was given a case study to read in a cold and quiet room, along with another interviewee. I made some notes on the sheet of paper... Mostly jotting down my analyses of the case study. When i mean case study, i mean, that the sheet of paper had a hypothetical situation of a family that was having their first consultation with me in a counselling session. The scene was of a family that was having problems with their "havoc" teenage daughter.

I made all my analyses till i had none left and I asked God: "Ok, what else do i need to consider?"And a thought popped into my head, "Think about what you would do in this situation."
When i received that answer from God, i was struck by how i missed out on such an obvious thing to think about. I mean, i analysed EVERYthing except for thinking about what i should do as their counsellor. Which would be the most commonsensical question that the interviewers would ask. I only had a few minutes left to think about it too... But God is so cool. :-) He told me what i should do.

Soon after, i was called into the room with one lady, and one man. They didn't like, stand up to greet us and shake hands. So, i was kind of at a lost of what to do. Somehow, everyone seemed a little tentative.

So it turned out to be a group interview: 2 interviewees, 2 interviewers. We were asked about our backgrounds, what makes a good counsellor, what are our best qualities to offer as a student and as a potential future counsellor, what our commitments are to the course, where will we be headed after the course (if we do get in). Oops, am i revealing too much? There were some other questions targeted at my *ahem* competitor.

I made a booboo blunder at one point... When competitor made her stand on something, lady interviewer asked me if i had anything to comment... I blabbered something or other, that was 50% sense, and 50% nonsense. For my 50% nonsense, i stuttered one line, contracted verbal constipation, stared hard at competitor (till she raised an eyebrow at me), stared at interviewer, and gave an embarrassed laugh, and said, "Erm, never mind." So... Joline. Good grief. Lady interviewer DID NOT LOOK THE LEAST BIT IMPRESSED WITH ME. She had such a demeaning look on her face. *shrinks timidly into a corner*

But i kinda "redeemed" myself later on during the case study analysis. When the guy interviewer posed THAT question: "So, what would you do in this situation?" (See? GOD IS SO AWESOME HOR.) I waited for 2-3 seconds to see if competitor wanted to answer. Since there was a moment of silence, i decided to speak up first. After which, competitor agreed with everything i said, when interviewer asked if competitor would like to comment on my answer. Interviewers seemed to take well to whatever we both said. But there was no way that i could fathom what they were thinking. They just nodded, smiled, analysed our answers here and there, and asked a few questions to clarify some points.

At this point, i was really thanking God for my experience at work. Although i don't get to meet clients as a counsellor, i get to observe what the psychologists do at the center. So, i was able to draw on what they do at work and applied it to the case study.

In general, I noticed that competitor was faced with more grilling than me, because she threw in some of her own theories and slightly "of-concern" comments. To which the interviewers had to intervene to get/make some things clear. Somehow, the guy seemed to be more firm/critical with competitor than he was with me. (by the way, competitor is twice my age.)

So after our case study discussion, we had to write a short essay, which was a reflection and self report on our strengths and weaknesses. I wrote about my childhood "traumas" (haha) which kinda precipitated some problems for me today... And how i had to overcome some of these fears when i went to Timor. Gosh. The Timor trip and its challenges really has been a timely example for me to write about in my various self reports.

All in all, i can't tell whether they were impressed with either of us. They looked super composed, critical, careful, pleasant but stiff.

I am not sure about why they were so easy on me. ONE: they could have like, after hearing my first few answers to their questions, written me off already as a non-potential. So, maybe they didn't have to bother about grilling me since i'm already out. Or, TWO: they heard and saw everything they needed to see and know from me, and already made the decision that i can move on to round 2. There's NO way of telling.

My dad and cell mate commented that a possible reason for a group discussion is to stimulate competition. Like, to see who's the leader and follower, who's the one with the bright ideas. In actual fact, both competitor and i were kinda backing one another up... Not really going against each other's viewpoints. Hur.

Apparently, competitor asked the interviewers what their expectations were of future students, and one of the answers they gave was that, they hoped to get a group of students who could work with one another. Hey... So maybe the group interview is not all about competition, but to see if the interviewees can cooperate and work cohesively.

I won't really know the outcome till perhaps a month or two from now. That's a long time to wait, i must say. Round 1 is done! I wonder if i'll make the cut into Round 2.


I was just talking to Gem about how i bet i could be much better looking (HAHAHA) if i bothered to dress up. Like, you know, paint my finger and toe nails, put on contacts and make-up, put on false eyelashes, do my hair, wear heels, dresses, be more fashionable, yada yada yada. I mean seriously. There is SO MUCH more that i can do to look more spruced up. But i am lazy and well, i just can't see myself prancing about in such feminine wear in the first place.

And Gem said matter-of-factly: "I am comfortable with your sense of style. And i like it that you don't require so much time to dress up before you go out."

Some time ago, he also told me that he thinks going natural, without having make-up on, is nice.

And Joline grins inwardly like nobody's business.

How can i thank thou for not imposing standards of feminine vanity upon thee?
Muah hahaha.


I just came back a while ago from cell group and a short girly night out. Gosh. Good friends, good conversations, good ICE CREAM *heehee, thanks J* and a ride home (much appreciated, D)... Wonderful way to end the night.


You know. If i had my own way... I'd be out in the wild, being with wild animals. Maybe filming a documentary for Animal Planet and/or Discovery Channel. Or, if i had my way, i'd spend my days training and going on adventure races/trips. Or doing other sporty things. Make a living from being with animals or doing sports.

I have all my life to live out. About 50 more years of it. For all i know, i might move from one occupation to the next, achieving these funny little desires. :-)
Zookeeper, right WL? ;-)


Time to sleep now... Though i feel like i could just go on and on and on and on...

Good night! It's going to be another good day in church tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

WOW! ur interview is realy scary de. tats reminds me of my oral viva. 3 docs grilled me on my work. i have to do a case presentation, mine was a middle aged malay lady tat i pestered to get her personal infor, her lifestyle habits pertaining to periodontal disease(severe gum disease)....i was like...oh my god, 3 docs , senior consulants somemore grilling me leh!!but why u nv say wats the interview questions abt tat havoc ger? sounds fun if u can write it down here, then we can say sth abt wat u said to them. like so pro man!! jia you. Jo, Go!i really hope u get wat u want, counselling suits u fine.(remember wat happened last yr?)

Anonymous said...

why do u say she is ur competitor? she can be ur future classmate mah. i dun suppose this interview is the same as a job where there is only one successful applicant? well, maybe the pple there want u to comment on her opinion is to find out how u will deal with pple who says things u dun agree with? i suppose in counselling there are many pple with 'ideas' or values u dun agree with.for example, how will u persuade a ger not to have unprotected sex with multiple partners just becos she finds it thrilling? i think u will have to face many pple from all walks of life with all sorts of problems as a counsellor. wich brings me back to the quesion, after u grauduate from this masters, do u becum a counsellor or pyschologist? wahaha i feel so stupid now. i guess it is the same as me telling pple i m nt a dentist or a dental nurse, i m a therapist. healing the sick u knw....pardon me sumimasen, for being a ignorant person....heh heh

jun said...

INTERVIEW - interesting interview. 2 hours? gosh i bet they wanted to test your stamina and ability to think after facing the same pple for so long. and competitor sounds. friendly?(: hahahaaha. and i can imagine u shrinking. but i guess even if u are scared, in reality, u still plant yer ass to e chair and cont with e int. hahahaa. lots go on in our hearts without pple noticing usually. (:

BEAUTY - GOSH jo, you look fine the way u are (if not, gorgeous). and i think tt most males prefer e natural look. tt's why women put on makeup to achieve the NATURAL look. hahahaha.

NITE OUT - i felt that i FINALLY had a LIFE AFTER SO long. hahahahaaa. and i could do it all over again like what we've been doing. cheers to female-nism and staying out late and doing whatever we want (well, almost)! GALS rule! they talk lots, love lots, giggle lots and HENCE LIVE longer than those (silly) males! yayeee! (:

Rose in Bloom said...

Sometimes dressing up is not about being's more of expressing our nature? :P

joline said...


I think yours sounds just as scary. Being grilled on your work is touche!!!

Yeap, i do remember what happened last year. Recently, was wondering how eveything and everyone is doing with respect to that?

The question about the "havoc" girl was really just, "So, what would you do in this situation". That was all they asked as a starter, and we took it from there.

Actually come to think of it, i do agree about the "find out how u will deal with pple who says things u dun agree with? ... sorts of problems as a counsellor." Totally agree. :-)

Oh, when i graduate, i become a counsellor, not a psychologist. :-) Unless i do a counselling psychology masters (not the same as counselling alone), then i might be called a psychologist. :-)


as usual, your comments always make me grin. HAHA. me cannot wait for you to end your sem so that we can hang out and do stuff! :-D

rose in bloom:

interesting perspective.

i wonder what my nature is...

very often, i find myself thinking of wearing a dress or something pretty (so, is that my nature?). but too often, i chuck the idea because i know i can't be bothered about buying such a dress and picking out accessories that would go with the outfit.

Anonymous said...

but i figure it will give ur gem a surprise(ok not so surprise if he reads this) if u actually dress up! who knows? u may like it? oh well, i need a revamp myself, been saying for donkey years since i got back from japan.i have come to accept things regarding the problem last yr. there aren't much i can do lor....

Anonymous said...

it is definitely ur nature or any lady's nature to want to look pretty. who dun? so u shud find ur own style, be comfortable in ur own skin and clothes....yihaaaa...

joline said...


ok... MAYBE one of these days. Maaayybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

what do u want to revamp about your style???