Monday, April 23, 2007

Jo walks up to the huge porch of PSA Building and spies 3 automated glass doors that were positioned side by side. She approaches one of them, the one to the right, and was greeted with the operation hours of the doors. She read that the door didn't operate on sundays, and to please use the "main entrance". Great.

So Jo begins to walk around the building, searching for the "other main entrance", visualizing an even grander looking porch with even BIGGER and more embellished doors. Her search brought her around the building, walking by cargo vehicles lots and the carpark, and still didn't see any grand porch.

She managed to eventually find her way into the building through the carpark lift. Since she was way early for dinner, she recced the place from the inside, interested to find out where this "main entrance" was.

And guess what. The "main entrance" was just referring to the automated glass door that was in between the other two. ALAMAK. Wah liew, simi "main entrance".... Blah.

PS: I (finally, and the sentiments were mutual) got to meet Gem's family and extended maternal family yesterday. Laleela~.


Ambrose said...

How. Could. You. Not. Think. Of. Using. The. Middle. Door. ... ...

n yay! i'm happy for both of u =)
now.. when will I get to meet him? =p

joline said...


haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... i'm johleen the dooohhhh-leen, remember?
I'm like the person who goes to the library to return books without bringing the books, ya know?


Thanks bro... And, you will get to meet him, donch worry. OH! Hols are comin'! Yeay!