Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Call me party pooper, wet blanket, sour grape, green horn, jealous prude, whatever you like.

But why is it that i get so defensive when a friend of mine gets attached? I get this yuck yuck feeling in my gut. Ahhh, but wait, there's more...

In cases when i've already met the girl/guy, and if the feeling goes away plus i get some good vibes, then i'll feel all right about the situation. I'd attribute my initial feelings to protectiveness and caution. To me, i just want my friends to be with the best (most suited, not perfect) person possible, and not "fall in love" because they haven't been with someone in a long while and the current squeeze offers some kind of giddy love relief, or that the squeeze is a sweet talker, or for any other reason that is just... obviously not right.

In cases when i've already met the couple together, and if i still have that yuck yuck/something-is-not-right feeling, then i think my gut feeling is probably right. From the number of times that my gut has predicted certain things, i think it deserves to be dug out and laid in a museum for people to pay their respects to it. Haha, KIDDING lah.

Other times, the feelings take a while to go away or lowers to a small simmer, and those are in cases where
(1) i try to accept my friend's decision despite my reservations.
(2) the other party changes my mind about him/her.
(3) i've just grown used to it.
(4) i accept that i might have been overeacting.

So..... From now till when i meet the person, i'll hold me tongue, abstain from judgmental thoughts and quell my feelings until proven true beyond reasonable doubt.


liting said...

I know what you are thinking of my dear gal...

joline said...


precisely, you know it spot on. actually in addition, there's another couple on my mind too.

Anonymous said...

well, it is their choice, their life, for me, if my frend feels happy, i m happy for my frend also. i will give her a chance to prove she is right.

mimosa said...

hey my bull s""" meter! haha.. i know exactly what you mean...

Anonymous said...

hey one of my frends had all her wisdom teeth out erupted with totally no problems. she was saying that her batch of frends had no problem also. issit only our batch that have wisdom tooth woes? aiya we are too wise mah.wahaha

joline said...


well, that is also true... think it depends on a few factors... like how close we are, how the situation really is, etc. :-) Sometimes i worry, because too often i've seen how happy they can start out but because of the same patterns that you observe from the beginning, you get this fear that the relationship will eventually crumble. Ah well. All depends. :-)

HAHAHHA, Sigh, our mouths are just nice, delicate and small. :-P


Hiii!!! *waves!!* Hahahaa... i like the nickname.
Yeah man, we are such guardian angels... hur.