Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10 Random short talks

I was surprised by some of my past blogpost drafts. By my way of expression, the things that i felt, some thoughts and feelings that i don't even remember going through. The sad part is that because of the potentiality of public publishing, i wasn't explicit with the causes of my outpourings. So as i read them again, i don't quite get my own posts. Haha. Bleaghhhh to political correctness, which this PG blog is too good at.

If you're wondering about the state of emotional affairs, i'm now in repair mode. Still very fragile, kind of raw, repairing... but very slowly. That said, altar ministers who really listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say to the recipient are super zhun man! I was greatly blessed on Good Friday. :-)

Now, i've got a purple bag, a purple wallet and a purple phone. I suppose you could say my favourite colour is purple.

Factory Outlet Shop is a great place to shop if you have the time and tolerance for the other ugly (what-were-the-designers-thinking!? types) clothes.

I wish that some people would be more tolerant of others who are considered different from them. Instead of gossiping, making fun of, complaining, finding fault and behaving like general poots, why not do something more humane like trying to get to know these people. We're all from the same human race after all, so what makes you any better than anyone else?

Fighting many personal wars in my head and heart. Unfortunately, these wars stop me from surrounding myself with good things.

Muscular is me. With regular runs and gymming, i lose some fats but i've effortlessly gained muscle mass (and hence the weight). Oh well.... Guess I should've been born as a guy instead.

Last night, I dreamt about my essay regarding the assessing of depressive and bipolar disorders, as well as buying therabands from SGH. You can obviously tell what my current wants are.

I cannot believe i didn't jump at the chance of buying a digital piano. Well... instead of replacing my out-of-tune acoustic piano with a smaller digital, i'd rather ADD a digital. I would miss the resonance of my acoustic if i sold it off.

Hello XL! Are you voyeuring away? Heh heh heh. Say HI lah!


lakeside girl said...

XS is here to drop you a note!


There's a place that's better than FOS. ;)

joline said...

lakeside girl:

HAHA. very funneh ah Mari. -.-" 8-p
(speaking of which, i hope u found someone who could fit the Threadless XL)

Better place? REALLY? WHERE? WHERE?!???

lakeside girl said...

Yup i did! I gave it to my friend, Alex, whose blog i linked as well. BluePrint is darn nice. *envy*

lakeside girl said...

Ya lor..i really wear XS for US clothes. Makes me sound so puny.

joline said...

lakeside girl:

I read your friend Alex's blog "about me" portion and i couldn't help but chuckle over his own candid intro.

In this day and age, XS has a much better image attached to it than XL. While XS and XL are just labels of sizes, people go and make socially defined meanings out of these silly things which results in others having very poor self esteem. Quite sad.

Anonymous said...

i told u liao, reading old posts makes pple feel so argh....embarrasing, puzzled that we wrote and cared about some things so much in the past.Some of it was long forgotten and i will feel so ... that i felt that it is a big deal at that time. hopely my worries now will feel the same as my worries in the past(not impt anymore)

joline said...


either that, or that they've been well dealt with to leave you with peace of mind. :-)