Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For a couple of months, i've been having internet and laptop problems... And i'm so thankful that i've got a tech savvy daddy (hey, eet rhymes) who we can count on to fix matters to do with computers. Saves us the trouble of having to call in the technicians who'll charge us moneh.

So it brings me to now say a HUGE thank you to daddy for taking my problems into consideration, so much so that he bought a new router thing (or was it some signal extender, i haven't got a clue) and even a new modem (cos the old one was wonky) so that a stronger wireless signal can reach my room and my lappie can access the internet faster.

I thought about it and realized that he really did go through all the trouble, for me. Yes, it will benefit everyone at home in the long run, but you see, for the longest time we've been doing without the extras. But because i began having problems and told him about it, he spent the time and moneh and brain cells to give me what i wanted... And maybe to stop me from bugging him about the terribly slow connection. Heh.

Haiya, i'm just really grateful to my dad right now, and i wanted to blog this down to remind myself of the fact that though he can be a bad guy sometimes (hey, families will have their issues now and then ok?)... He still does show his love, and it happens to be in ways like this.

*pleased as punch*


Two tewtelly random things that have made me chuckle like a loony to myself:

1. Women can bleed for days without dying.

2. Charles Dickens. Dharles's Chickens. (c'mon repeat after me!)


scezzy said...

-idly blows bubbles-

joline said...


liew, random sia.

-grabs insanely at pretty bubbles-

Jem said...

I hate computer problems... Though I know how to fix almost all the problems, I am one lazy bugger...

joline said...


HAHA... Ah well, when the computer fails on us reliant-on-technology-creatures, we'll get moving pretty quick. teehee. It's good lah to be tech savvy, seeing as where the bigger advancements in the world tend to be in this area too.