Tuesday, December 26, 2006

When i opened his present... I laughed super out loud, and then hooted and woot-ed...

(Laughed: "WOW! THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN LUSTING AFTER! Hoot and Woot: "WOAH! UNCANNY MAN!!!" and upon closer inspection, "WOAH! HIGH END STUFF LEH!")

Not that it was something i didn't like, in fact, it was something that i've always debated over whether to buy... erm, as in, lip gloss. (ok, anti-climax lah, but don't pop my bimbo moment ok?)

Every time i'm at the pharmacy, i'll pick up the colour that i like and clutch it in my hand as i move around the shop. But it would take me only a few minutes of re-consideration before i put it down again in the rack.

Yeah, so like it said, when i opened his present... I was surprised to see FOUR SHADES OF LIP GLOSS all prettily displayed in a transparent box. And it was from a high end brand ok...... Woahh... *bug eyes*

I wonder whether it's because he notices that i don't put anything on my lips for work or whether he thought that (most) girls can't have too much of make-up anyways.
If it's the former, that would make him not only a very perceptive psychologist, but also a very keen observer of small details, or the lack of them.

Seriously, God has a sense of humour. I'm being blessed with the things that i've always wanted to get but never did. First came the mp3 player, then my nice 4 tubes of lip gloss. Whee!


I've just opened another present and... it's more lip stuff! (haven't opened it so i don't know if it's gloss or lip stick)
Anyways, thanks girl! Hoohoo!

Talk about abundant blessings.

And.... Thank You NTU Cell for your birthday card and present! Thanks to Gem who always has the knack for making and picking the things i like very much. ;-DDDD


Pope @ David said...

um, sorry I didn't manage to get all our NTUC-ppl to write in your card..
but still hope it & the music spice things up year-end festivities for you

Eliss said...

so sweet....

joline said...

pope @ david:

Just want to know, do u sign in just to leave comments? Cos there's an option to just write a comment under "other" and then u can still type in your name but it won't be linked to anything/any profile... Minuses the hassle of signing in.

Of course the card and cd spiced things up. :-) I loved everything.

joline said...


Heee... what's so sweet?

Eliss said...


joline said...


Happy New Year to you gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wr said...

Hmm, it appears that when I go to any Blogger site, I seem to be "already signed-in".. o.o

Perhaps it's bcs I don't usually "sign-out"..

still, guess it's good to have an option to comment as "other" identity just for variety... heh heh

joline said...