Thursday, December 21, 2006

I haven't had fun at work before, and today nails it! And why?

Because NO ONE IS AROUND. MUAH HAHAHAHAHAA. Ok, my colleagues and boss had a presentation to go to, so that leaves lil ole me all by myself to man the phone. Since i'm spending pretty much like 9 hours or so alone enclosed in the office, i brought all my art stuff so that i could work on some birthday and christmas presents. Ah, so productive, i likes.

Think: radio on louder than usual, singing to Corrinne May and head banging to Gotan Project mp3s, embossing stuff, typing out calendars and filling them in, drawing and outlining pictures, drawing out calendars and filling them in...

Around close to 3pm, i was severely running out of ideas of what to occupy myself with. And in a corner next to me is this bunch of leaves that look like the real stuff of christmas trees. But far from inspiring romantic images of white rolling hills densely populated by snow covered pine trees, the remains of this one has kind of begun to smell sourish, like puke.

So it's now the "11th hour" before i knock off, and i've forgotton that i've got to collect the mail. Ok, so here i go. YEAY! 10 more minutes to freedom!

Ok, from this trash you can tell that i'm really not lying to you about my boredom.


Eliss said...

i saw ur msg just now! yesh i was offline. cant afford to go online and chat for too long....just to say: Merry Christmas! enjoy ur holidays!Have a very fulfilling 2007 ahead wor!

joline said...


OIC... yeah, i understand, i do that too for the same reason.

Thanks for the well wishes dearie, a blessed Christmas to you too!

wacky kid said...

"this bunch of leaves that look like the real stuff of christmas trees"

YES, it is the real stuff, it came from a christmas tree. and it smelled really good a month back... now, it stinks...! hahaha. i thought i was the only one who went to sniff it...

joline said...

Wacky kid:

Haha, hello fellow tree sniffer... Well, i do agree that it wld've smelt nice when freshly plucked. Heh, souvenir off Korea perhaps?

OOOPS. I noticed that the leaves are no longer here.... (i'm at work) Sorry if i offended its feelings! :-( :-p

wacky kid said...

hahaha... i removed it. it's from the christmas tree that he bought for his house, i guess it's one of those fallen ones... haha! i removed it because I cannot stand the smell... LOL!

joline said...

wacky kid:

Wahaha, so you left it there because... You initially thought that it could be used as air freshener cos it smelt (past tense) good?

Wa, he bought a real one? So happening la he.