Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just wanted to say that i feel so blessed by everyone around me, as well as Daddy God.

In the past few weeks, he probably saw and provided me the "want" that i've been eyeing for a while, and for FREE. I did nothing to deserve it, and it pretty much just landed in my lap. He's also blessed me with people who care, and He has also brought me through situations where i know i would have messed up if i had relied on myself to succeed.


Woo, i wonder what i should wear for the wedding on the 1st of Jan. I'll be playing for the service, so need to "wear nice nice", as pastor puts it. :-D White and Khaki is the dress code. Hmm... Anyone wanna give me a makeover?


Eliss said...

whose wedding isit?

joline said...


Oh, two of my church leaders. :-)