Thursday, December 14, 2006

Update: (heh.)

Thanks also to my group of ACJC mates, Peeds, Brose, Ger and Betts for springing that birthday surprise on me at Fish and Co. Wahaha, sorry that the toilet trip thingy was foiled because i refused to budge from my seat. Haha, i'm such a spoiler lah... You guys mean so much to me, that i'd always try to keep you guys as close as possible to me throughout this lifetime despite time and distance.

Thanks so much Gem, Mer and Dom who treated me generously to dinner, i love having your company! If only the hours stood still, we could just yak away into the night. Looking forward to our games afternoon before service on sat. ;oDDD

Thanks also to the ACJC Library Gang and Associates who all took time off from their working schedules to spend time with me at VivoCity for dinner. Teehee... I could say the same here, that i'm just so blessed to have you all as my close sisters, and that we can just talk about everything. If only we didn't need to go home, we'd talk till the cows come home. See you girls for our sleepover! *hoorah!* You girls are guaranteed: my friends for life!


Thank you John for the ice breaker that somehow led to it being broadcasted throughout the entire room.

Thank you worship ministry people who were all so enthusiastic about singing me the song which resulted in everyone clapping in unison and singing in sync.

And i have NO IDEA how the rest of you (who weren't there this morning at the workshop) knew about it.

And no thanks Chris for suggesting a "tao pok". haha.

Thank you for all your smses, whether they were words of encouragement, of blessing, well wishes.

Thank you for your warm smiles and ready handshakes, thank you for your arm that went around me that conveyed so strongly your genuine care and love.

Thank you dad who treated me to a dinner that opened my eyes to something that was an experience of a lifetime...

Thank you Kenny and Dominic for your lunch treat today. I was blown away by your gesture of brotherly care. :-DDDD

And there're more thank yous to make in the next few days...


Anonymous said...


joline said...

estoy cansada:

:-) Hi.

Anonymous said...

teehee. glad you enjoyed your birthday though. taupok jo!! :D


joline said...


*grin* Yeap, and the one thing that made it wonderful were all the people who contributed to it in whatever ways they did. It meant a lot to me.

Tau pok? nooo ahhhh!!! *hides behind a drumset*

Speaking of tau pok, did u see the video of Marcus getting it from the guys? He sounded and looked like he was giving birth. hohoho.

HippiHo said...

Happy Birthday!

joline said...


*grin* Hey, thanks so much!

cheekysalsera said...

Hello girl..

Should've wished you before I went to Bangkok, but... anyway...

Happy 22nd Birthday! I just realised that you are the person I've known the longest in COOS. Meh.

Love you

Eliss said...

do u read ur old posts? i was readin mine, and i realised that i forgot alot of things in the past. i sound so young and carefree last time....i wish i can go back to the past, where work is not so boring. where i have frends to push me through difficulties. i wish i can be young agn1

joline said...


Awww... That means a lot to me, thanks girl. :-D
Cheers to our long long friendship, and more years to come!
Love ya too. :-DDD


Yeah, i do read them, and they sound so dumb and airy. HAHA. Oh well, i understand how it feels. Guess we all need to move into our new inevitable phases of life. But you can be assured that some friends will be there for you and will be the ones who will remember the old days with you too. :-D