Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You see it happening again and again, you hear the same old lines, they think they've got it, that they've finally got it right (wow... like, this is the 1000th time you said that). But yet in a matter of months, maybe even weeks, you see the situation collapse into that horrible, yet familiar scene of destruction. Again.

Some people have vices that hold too strong in them that once a teeny little bit pressure is applied on that spot, they crash. And burn. Hook, line and sinker. Their brains become mush, their senses become nonsense, their eyes cease to see, all they think of is that things are perfect. Oh, yes it is. But only the here and now, is. That's because the immediate desires are being met, the craved-for pleasurables of life is being stroked and pampered. But how about the future?

Beneath all the merry making, beneath all the physical pleasures, hidden under all the "joy" and fun, and the smiles, and laughter, the conversation, the romance and all that one thinks one is having, is the core of what makes the same old problem repeat themselves, over and over again. What the core is, i don't know because everyone has a different story to tell. Yet i wouldn't hesitate to add that in most instances of such problems, there is always a few common bottom lines of... Malfunction. For lack of a milder word. It is so rudimentary, it probably would even be part of our human nature, hence uncommon it is not.

And you want to grab them and tell them: STOP IT. But you don't because you don't want to spoil a good friendship, you don't want to be accused with "You DON'T UNDERSTAND!".

But it is only out of concern that you don't want to see your friend hurt.

Still. Fear. And so you watch it happen. Like a semi predictable movie that you know could swing in either direction, but from the repeated cues, hackneyed lines, and typical scenarios, you know... The possibility is very high.


lakeside girl said...

Truth without grace will lead to judgement, but saying the truth in love to her/him is an example of true friendship.

A sister once wrote to me, "I care about how you feel, but this time i dont care if this makes you sad or happy. I'm not gonna stand by and do nothing, but i'm gonna tell you the truth because i value and love you as a sister and friend."

I was gobsmacked and touched.

If you can't bear to tell her again, write her a card. That usually helps alot. :)

lakeside girl said...

And babe, when are you gonna give your blog a face lift? Hehe.

The tees will have to stay with you for a while bcos i havent gotten my pay yet. *empty pockets* :(

Anonymous said...

i think i wld like the guy to do things that is good. wats the point of saying honey words when his daily behaviour makes u think he does not love a man drives and meets with problems on the road and then he scolds me for nth. if i take a ride every morning and the traffic is bad so he scolds me...wld i still say he loves me?

Anonymous said...

why is it chua xiuhui? heh heh. my caterpillar is called chuaed.pronounced with -ed one.HAHAHA

joline said...


Ha, ok, looks like the general concensus is.... Action screams far far far louder than words.

Orh.. it is "Chua Xiuhui" because during JC, when i looked at her i thought that she had a "Chua Xiuhui" kind of face. So that's what i called her and am still calling her. hahah. :-)

how to pronounce "chuaed"? O.o

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Circumstances is such that i cannot send her a card exactly, and an email might sound impersonal. I wonder if it's worth a try still. I think that the perception of "judgement" that seems like it's coming one's way can also be considered as a personal interpretation on the receiver's end.

HAHAHA, i was also thinking of that. In face, a long while ago. But i feared losing my stuff and screwing it up, hence i never touched the template. i don't have the pluck to ask friends to help me with the design (html? is like german to me) and i don't want to trouble them either.

OH I SEE. I was wondering why you didn't respond about the tees despite the double mention. Ok, no problem. Just let me know when you are ready. :-)