Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Don't know if you have, but i caught a few er, teasers of this new series called the "Ghost Whisperer". I honestly thought it was a joke. Ghost Whisperer? Immediately the first thing that came into my head was: Gee, are they trying to portray ghosts in a less supernaturally unknown light, as less scary, and more misunderstood beings that bear even hope, feelings and emotions?

It seems like a marriage between romance (as in the concept of romanticism) and horror, two quite emotionally inducing genres that would be positioned on something like polar ends of the spectrum. We've all yet to see what will be borne out of that, though i doubt i'll watch it anyways.

Kinda reminds me of that drama series "Touched by an Angel" which featured episode after episode of how angels (spiritual beings) dealt with mortals, as opposed to this series, which will depict a mortal dealing with spirits.


I think i've been putting on weight judging by this perceived jingle about me, even if the weighing scale doesn't show it. Then again, it could well be just psychological guilt of sorts acting up because my appetite of late has been really good, with cravings plaguing me almost all the time. Gem will vouch for this i know. Heh.

Been having cravings for that Adam Road fruit juice special and prawn mee, BBQ Stingray (yes, it's STILL ongoing and i don't know why) , oyster omelette and teh peng (the coffee shop kind of ice tea).

Shape Run '06 is in less than 2 weeks. YAY, finally! After which i will probably begin looking for a different form of exercise to supplement my weekly canal runs, cos i think running on its own is getting a little too monotonous.


On sunday, this really old school fortune-telling-weighing-machine thingy caught my sister's eye when we were shopping around Parkway Parade. We snapped a photo of it on her phone and decided to waste 20cents for the fun of seeing what the old metal lump would churn out. I remember that when i was a kid doing the same lets-try-this-thing-for-fun, i was offended by the stupid machine because it said something rather rude.

Anyway, after standing on the metal weighing plate, after which we waited for the mechanism to stabilise before putting in a 20cent coin, the machine got clonking and it spat out a piece of cardboard that had my weight printed as xxkg (ok, decently accurate) on one side and behind the same piece of cardboard was printed some sagely words........

That i cannot tell you word for word because i left the paper in my shorts that went into the wash before i could save it. -.- Retarded, i know.

But from the little that i can see from the now mushed up cardboard that looks half digested, it says: "A brilliant marriage will raise your ... ... above expectations... "


Wrong person LAH. It's FSH who's getting hitched next year, not mua.


Anonymous said...

FSH is who...not xiuhui rite? hahahaha. the sch lor now moe computerised everything so we oso computerised i do until i sweat man i tell u

joline said...


Hahaha, what happened until you sweat so jialat?
Actually... it is suppose to be her.

Anonymous said...

huh u r serious? Xiuhui is getting married? WAHHHH SO BIG NEWS NV TELL ME?

aiyaaa i very slow. only treated 3 pateints today. my frend treated 8 lor. jarlat

joline said...


I'm sure you'll get into the swing of things... Plus, aren't each patient's situation different? So, perhaps you had to spend more time on some of them?
Hm... i honestly thought you knew about it really.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm. i treated very slow lor. cos i treating pri so many cavities. sec sch easier cos not much fillings. but they nd to treat more than me and faster cos mobile buses must complete the sch faster.

maybe she is too shy to tell me? cross my fingers can go her ROM

joline said...


I see.. In that case, well can't be helped right? Better to be slow and steady especially since you're just starting out. :-) You'll get better in time, don't worry. :-D

I must say that most of our classmates found out about the event through us spreading it, and not her telling them, so don't worry. heehee...

liting said...

lets satisfy your cravings soon again! (and strangely enough i am present those moments) food partner in crime.

joline said...


Hey gal... *hug* Thanks for being a big part of the planning for FSH... Really apologize for the miscomm and time mix up. It was unforeseen. :-(

And yes... i am already thinking of popping by adam road maybe.... tmr. hohoho. But if u want, can wait for u or something and we can go together. :-D