Monday, July 10, 2006

Tannlines is having a sale, from the 7th to the 17th of July, at Paragon, #03-49. They seem to have some quite pretty stuff with pretty (good) prices, so head on down! I'm definitely going, for one but I don't know about the sizes available though. Boy am i glad i'm still having my holidays. :-P About a month ago, i treated myself and purchased a bikini (er, yeah...) from Tannlines (right, Miss D?) and i must say that this one fits a lot better than the previous one i bought from Taka.


Girls, do you prefer your guy to do stuff that says he loves you, or would you prefer him to tell you in words that he loves you (in this case lets take it that he does mean it)?

(ok, i know that we all would love him to do both, but if you could pick only one...?)


scezzy said...

I would love it if he showed rather than said, men are capable of saying anything. -_-

umm. *slithers away*

joline said...


hahahhaa... (notice this is always how i first respond to your comments, farni lah you)

now how do i reply to that scezzy, cos i'm wondering where you're coming from with that... :-)

GeRmAiNe said...

HEY i aBsoLuteLY agree with u gals....that's why i'd rather they show it too.. words can't buy me love y'know?

joline said...


it takes more effort to show it, from the thought(s) that become translated into tender actions, yeah, since talk is cheap.
though sometimes, from time to time... hearing him say those words with that glow in his eyes would be really nice...