Sunday, July 02, 2006

Title: (as stated on tee)
I fell in love with it the moment i set my eyes on it. What can i say? I'm one of them, great procrastinators.

Title: Biblical Disaster
No wonder.

Title: Prehistoric Freak
Gotta love this one, poking fun at lil ole Barney.
Gem and i bought one each of this, as well as Biblical Disaster.

Title: Zombie Donkey
I feel a bit like Mr Zombie sometimes. Chasing some thing(s) i wasn't meant to be created with in the first place.


I've gone on a couple of shopping stints recently, about a month late as compared to the rest of Singapore, but i don't feel like i missed out on anything cos it seems like the deals are as sweet, if not maybe even sweeter.

U2 hasn't gone all the way with their discounts yet though. I remember distinctly how they cut their prices down by 70% last year around July or August, some such. Oh the bliss, because while the rest of the Singaporean population had gone back to work and school, it gave people like me free reign (and rein) over the shops. Muah hahahaaa.


Having spoken to two important people over the weekend, it's come to light once again this dualistic aspect of me: That on one hand i appreciate relating to others through the sharing of personal issues as well as discussing issues that involve both parties, and also acknowledging the other side of me that tends to shrink into a lonely silence despite being surrounded by familiar friends.


Perhaps more later. I've gotta go for a walk... The durians i had just now are really being accusatory. Not good.


Pope @ David said...

YooHoo! Glad to hear yr folks' reaction to yr grades~ I believe their acknowledgement of yr progress will only spur you onwards for the last couple of laps! Rem Waterboi will be running the race with you too ;-)


I'm one happy Threadless convert too! Naked no more! XD

Thanks for being patient, understanding and forthright whenever I share with you a piece of my mind~

GeRmAiNe said...

geee..u guys are so sweet!

Jo, u gotta knock outta that lonely can u keep mum when ur love life is so beautiful! *grin*

Anonymous said...

faith methodist church? isii the one at china town? today i went there. youth day so didnt treat patients

joline said...

pope @ david:

For the first time, i got to hear something that you bring up yourself that concerns the both of us. And i enjoyed being honest with you.

Heh, yeah, i did receive something from waterboy today... *wink* The patterns on the bottle are quite funky leh, by the way...

More Threadless tees for u in future?


Maybe i need inner healing or something. Hmmmm...

Ha, thanks Germ. :-) Yes, so far things have been very much a learning and growing journey. Wanna catch up with you too!


Uhm... You're mentioning the church regarding? Oh, Faith Methodist is at commonwealth actually. So what went on today for u?

Anonymous said...

the morning i do IT computerisation. then after went bk to hpb,went to chinatown heritage tour. very hot!! walk on the streets. we wne to visit a ma jie's hm. 1 room flat not too bad.

lakeside girl said...

I'm on a mission to evangelise Threadless! *lol*

I'll call u soon babe to get the tees from u!

joline said...


WOAH. All that on a scorching hot day... what's IT computerization? and... visit a ma jie's home? So interesting. how come?

lakeside girl:

Muahahaha... Yeah, the humour is contagious. But i also somehow like the fact that it's hasn't gotten too common yet. I've seen people wearing it on our streets but it hasn't reached the Giordano or Mango level, which is nice in a way.

Yep, will hear from u soon. Hope the exams went well for you.