Tuesday, April 12, 2011

French and Swiss meringue Macs

these are my french green tea macs. i'm so proud of them because most of the other times when i tried making french macs, they either fail BEFORE even going into the oven (and that's when i actually dilligently aged the egg whites. *shrug*) or they fail so badly that they end up looking like all kinds of macawrongs. and i don't mean minor fail. i mean, so major that they can pass off as japanese prawn crackers.

these were still slightly hollow but a definite improvement from all the other macs i have made. the previous macs had very obvious hollows and sunken, collapsed insides. At least these had insides that rose and even stuck to the shell. There were still air gaps in these but overall, a stark improvement from failed macs to macarons with just partial hollow insides! the feet aren't great but it's a start to something better.

there we go. *chomp* the filling was made with fresh milk (didn't have cream), white chocolate and butter, infused with jasmine green tea.

french and swiss meringue (from the TOTT class) macs hanging out together. they look so different don't they!

(photos taken at night, so... oh well. none of those nice, brightly lit window photos that i love)


Lucille♥Love said...

WOW...so cool! do invite me for Macroons... I'll bring my Raffles Hotel Grade tea =P

joline said...


haha, and make sure you also bring your sweet tooth. a very starving sweet tooth!

Elder Adams said...

These look strangely delicious, what do they taste like?

joline said...

elder adams

hi there! :) firstly, they are pretty sweet confections. that's probably the first thing to hit most people.

as for what it tastes like, it depends on what flavour you're trying. :) there's all the usual stuff like chocolate, coffee, rose, green tea, etc. but there're always new flavours that people think up of all the time. it's made up of the basic ingredients of egg whites, sugar and almonds. i'm not sure if you'd be able to taste the almonds with that all flavour going on though. but yup! it all goes well together.

but yes. and then there's the filling, which are usually things like chocolate ganache, buttercream, jam and any other thing you can think of. it depends on the baker. :) some people even put in nutella. it's important that the flavour of the filling complements the shell.

as for texture, the ideal macaron should have a thin and crisp outer layer, and when you bite into it, it should give way with a slight crackle and then yield into a moist and soft (sometimes slightly chewy?) interior.