Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Credits go to: http://notsohumblepie.blogspot.com/2010/08/macaron-troubleshooting-new-recipe.html

Since last year, i've been meddling with tons and tons of sugar, almonds, egg whites and possibly suffering from fat overload from trying to cook and get rid of all the spare egg yolks lying around. All in the name of making one of my favourite desserts: the macaron.

I've tried the french method, italian and even swiss methods of making the meringue and i've had so many failures and partial successes that at times, i throw tantrums just because of a tray of failed macarons. And okay, there was one particular day when i had 16 failed trays all in one row. Talk about discouraging.

But you know. When i want something to be made right, i stick to getting it down right.

I've been reading this blogger's macaron posts over and over again for a while now and i've been given so many tips and pointers without her knowing it. I am forever grateful to her! For her honesty, her candidness, and her efforts, because now i can make macs at home and make macs to give away to others without having to spend a bomb on those being sold commercially which aren't that delicious. Some are great, but would me a pretty penny. (But of course, some flavours are beyond my ability to recreate so i'm still thankful)

Yes, so these are my chocolate macarons made with her recipe that includes dehydrated egg whites. I didn't age my egg whites (read: impatient) but they still turned out decent i guess. What i'm most stoked about is that they are so nicely filled up (no hollows), have nice, smooth, non oily and non translucent shells and they have feet! Most of my french meringue macs die before reaching the oven (weird batter), or come out looking like something else altogether. The only thing i'm not toooo satisfied about is that they do not that that delightfully crisp exterior. They are just soft all the way through.... Hm. :( I wonder if it has something to do with not aging the eggs or not having them rest enough.

Nevertheless... Thank you Miss NSHP! :D


David Chen Weirong said...

Wowee~! Very glad for you to have come this far in your macaron learning journey Dear.

And I'm sure your hungry readers will thank you for sharing your research too hehe.

joline said...

everything i know is from other sources lo! i think my hungry readers will prefer the aftermath of my kitchen exploits.

joline said...

anyway... it's partly thanks to you that i'm doing better! :D

Lucille♥Love said...

I admire your work ethics =P

Joline said...


Aww, thanks girl. very encouraged. :)

zzen said...

i feel like eating a marshmallow kind of macarons. JOOOOOOOO. by the way, does jed eats ur macs?

Joline said...

marshmallow mac? hmm.. not sure how to go about making that. no, Jed isn't allowed near most human food, so this sugary stuff is definitely kept away from him. :)

zzen said...

ohhhhhh i see.by the way, what are u refering to when u said mac's feets? which part is feet? the '3rd'layer?