Friday, December 07, 2007


This is so interesting...

About one month ago, i sustained an injury on my left knee after running a 10km race (on sunday) and then attempting to squat on that fateful tuesday morning two days after the race. I was forced to stop running and hence stopped my training for my half marathon.

For weeks, the problem persisted. At first, i couldn't squat because if i tried, i was rewarded with a gloriously sharp pain shooting through my left leg. After 3 weeks, the internal swelling had decreased and the pain became close to minimal.

On a scale of 0 to 10, it was about 2-3. So one night, i attempted a walk home from holland village. To my dismay, i returned home to find that squatting had become painful again. That meant that the injury had been aggravated and that inflammation had occurred again.

After my exams, i visited the doctor and got some muscle stretching and strengthening advice from a physiotherapist. I spent 1 and 1/2 weeks doing what the physio told me to do, and even lapsed sometimes... ARGH, i was lazy, ok? All this while, i stayed off running.

The standard chartered half marathon came around and well... As you already know, i went for it without 100% approval from mom or doctor. I said i would walk which was fine with them, but i ran most of the way... Oh well.

But you know what?

Despite running with an almost recovered knee that may go back to being injured if i'm not careful and with no training in the last month, within 3-4 days, i am close to fine with no more sore knees (from the 1st day). And NOT ONLY THAT!

I was dreading to find out the truth... To find out that perhaps the inflammation was back. But, i eventually DID try out my left knee on tuesday or wednesday by squatting. And WOAHLAH, NO PAIN, NO INFLAMMATION! And this is despite the doctor having told me that if i ran too much, the body will produce fluid in the knee and thus the pain.

You tell me how awesome i feel now?! Ran 10km, kena knee injury. Ran 21km, no knee injury!

I know i had some physio done but i only had 1 and 1/2 weeks and i even lapsed in my exercises a few times. But everything turned out ok! PRAISE GOD FOR HIS MERCY AND GRACE!!!

PS: yes, i did pray and ask God to help me with my knees... I guess he knows the desires of my little heart lah. :-D To just run and be well... (which uh, sort of also translates to not being scolded by mom.)


Anonymous said...

hoho i m the first to leave a comment!! wahaha so childish of me....i was just going to say that sometimes things are really funny. i m allergic to panadol and no doc ever dared to give me anything related to panadol. but once i ate my sis's medicine, biogesic cos we thought it was not panadol. and guess wat? nth happened even though biogesic was said to be the same as panadol, just a different brand name! isnt it strange? so one doc concluded tat maybe aft all i m just allergic to some trace elements in panadol tat was not in biogesic.strange eh?i think even if i tell docs now i can eat biogesic they also dun dare to prescribe for me this!! waahahaha. and the most funny thing of all is i went thru wisdom tooth extraction complete with stiches without a single painkller!!i have such a high pain threshold rite? (i dont think anyone has ever done this except me)

joline said...


i see, i see. maybe the over the counter type of painkiller aren't good for you. wow, the body is not sensitive.


Anonymous said...

yes indeed. i find it only a bit painful. i cant eat any painkillers at all. in fact when i was training at ndc, my supervisor knw tat i cant take panadol, diclofenac, pencillin. then she asked me wat i take for fever, to wich i said a big 'nothing'!! isnt it astonishing? tats y i mind having fever, all i can take it chinese herbal medicine, wich is slow to react. for flu at least i can take something, but not for fever. as for wisdom tooth, it honestly wasnt not as painful as i heard some pple said.

joline said...


this is something i definitely didn't know about, about you! your pain threshold is amazing. i'd be whining already with a fever, let along having someone pluck out my teeth!!! and STITCH! :-(