Monday, November 26, 2007

Have you ever experienced times when you hear your mind/God?/heart telling you to do something, but you brush it aside, by rationalizing away, or, because you were too distracted, or thought maybe it wasn't too important, or that things would not change even if you obeyed? (amongst other things)

In the last 3 days, i had one or two of these promptings which i didn't obey. And mind you, regret is not a nice feeling.

And i think one of the main reasons why i failed to obey (i used to do so all the time because i didn't want to leave anything to chance) was because i was not receiving tangible feedback that what i had done had any impact on anyone or anything.

That's not a good reason to stop of course, but i guess as humans, we need a little encouragement that we have made a contribution somehow. Ah, part of Keyes and Magyar-Moe's social well being theory... "Social Contribution: the assessment of whether one is of value in society".

Knowing that we have made an impact keeps us going, it eggs us on by giving us hope that in doing what we are doing, it will fulfill a purpose, even if we cannot see it immediately.

Of course, rewards can either come quickly, or after a long, tedious process. Both of which we can't really control to begin with. All we can do is to be the trigger, the starter. The important thing is to just do the right thing even in the face of emptiness or bleakness.

If all the tiny millions of neurons in our brains (sitting high on our bodies in the main control centre that is The Head) went on strike and chose not to pass on their electrical and chemical messages through one another, we'd not be able to function at all. Similarly, if i went on strike and chose not to to the right thing, God cannot use me to move and change situations.

As for those on the receiving end... Hey, if someone has made an impact in your life today, or if you know someone who needs a little credit for their deed(s), why not be open to them about it. You never know how you can be that trigger in their lives as well.

So... Encourage someone today! Give out those free power gels (carbohydrate loaded food used by athletes)! Run beside a fellow friend/enemy in their hard and hot race of life and offer your towel (for enemies, maybe you can take the opportunity to pour water over their heads instead. Heh.)! Sms or call someone to check on them! Observe and give praise!

Why not?
And besides, you don't need a prompting before you do something good for someone.


Anonymous said...

yey man! praise is so precious these days, pple dun give praise easily.a kind word is always like a warm cup of chocolate.yum yum! i think u are pretty! inside and outside! wohoooo....i think we are pretty pretty. me less so, cos i m getting lazy eat too much chips liao....lets gambatte, becum prettier inside!!

Joline said...


hahahahhahahahha! ok! hilarious la you, girl... i CANNOT imagine you telling me that in REAL life!!! WAHAHAH!

Anonymous said...

wats so funny?? i m serious!! we shud strive not only to be skin deep(exterior beauty). beauty will fade but if u shift it inside ur heart, u will be beautiful even when u r so old , ur teeth all drop.hahaha.choy!eh?

Anonymous said...

i always think this way!! and i'm so glad you always sms me after practices cause its really big encouragements to me. just wanted to let you know for the longest time ever. thank you jo! :D


Anonymous said...

on my last day of work, i had to better delete history, if not the next dt coming to my clinics will see ur blog lo...hoho...are we actually meeting 4 our annual xmas gathering? or aren't we? we already met in july...issit?any idea wat to buy for my frends huh? the budget this yr is $ bodyshop, chocolates, flowers, vouchers. walau come to think of it, i have no idea abt ur bday gift as well.....give me some hints!!

joline said...


yes, yes. i am also a strong believer of beauty within, and not skin deep. :-D

ahah, and yes... please delete the history, unless you want me to gain another fan or detractor!

about present.. uh... no need lah. your friendship is good enough, i told u liao leh.


*heartmelt* Aww..., thanks Cheryl... :-D Boy, we've come a long way since the first time i started to play the keys with you! Lets continute to work together as sisters and keyboardists for Christ!