Friday, June 16, 2006

A snippet before we embarked upon our marathon. Er, movie marathon. ;-)

Love you guys.


lakeside girl said...

That's a really sweet pic!

Hi to Pdus and Germaine! It's been a while. Hehe. :)

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Thanks Mari... It is isn't it. *beam* Am always thankful for the friendship we share even though it's been 3+years after JC.

We all look the same don't we? ;-)

Liting said...

I agree with Mari! A sweet pix~

How I envy you ppl! Movie marathon!!!

Its only 2 days at work and I am starting to miss my holidays already. Sighs.

joline said...


*sayang...* I know gal... I guess such is the beginning of work life, a new phase. Takes a while to adapt to the new demands, but know that you're not alone k? Well, we'll have our trip at the end of the year. :-) You can enjoy being away from it all for a while.

Anonymous said...

haiz. me not any better, 2 days into work and i fell sick!! Oh my my. And i cant even celebrate my bday.cough cough

GeRmAiNe said...

geeee...i like our pic too! love every pic we take, anywhere...anytime! thank God for life long friends like u guys. *big smile from ear to ear*

joline said...


... *sayang* Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!!!


;-) Amen.

Eliss said...

heh heh. how is ur movie marathon? wat did u guys watched?

joline said...


Ha, we devoted the day to the more entertaining and somewhat "less serious" types of movies. Like, "She's the Man", "Cars", "Scary Movie 4" and "Over the Hedge". We had fun just laughing with and hanging out with one another.