Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I really should stop taking photos that are simply look-at-camera-and-smile types. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Remembering that i had a memory triggering aid in the form of a CD with a sizeable number of photos of my JC mates, i sifted through my pile of CDs, found it and popped it into the drive.

I'm smiling as i click through and view them one by one. The ones that especially trigger those feelings of nostalgia and that fuzzy warmth are those that capture in a sweet frame our madcap antics, smiles that were caught in a split second without the purposeful bunching of certain muscles for that practiced smile some of us have tried to perfect.

The best pictures are those that allow you to see more than a smile plastered on a face, the kind that reveals to the viewer the reflection of the sentiment(s) of that moment through the body language of the photo's subjects. It's a joy to see us close friends just being ourselves, the way we are.

And then i think, we don't always have to smile for photos, do we? Yeah. We don't.

Think about how different it would be if we took photos of ourselves in times when we are feeling anguish, when our eyes are sore and swollen with prolonged crying, when our faces reflect emptiness, dull from the sapping of all positivity.

If photos are about capturing moments to remember, are not times of unhappiness worthy of being remembered, or captured, too? Thinking back on events past and seasons of our lives need not always have to stir good emotions. Our lives are a collection of far more than that.

Life is equally ugly as it is beautiful.




Germ and i scored when we spent a rainless wednesday last week at Sentosa, Palawan Beach, doing nothing but sprawling ourselves upon the beach and nua-ing in the sun. The days that came after saw only cold rain and dull grey clouds. Hah!

Must say that spending a day with my homie at the beach (i love everything about being at the beach) was a lot more than just pleasant. I didn't really want to leave when evening creeped up on us.

For those of you who've been to Palawan Beach, you'll know about that wooden bridge and two tall wooden structures that overlook the sea with a bridge connecting them both. I'm not kidding you when i say that these are things that come straight out from my fantasies. What i would give to spend a night up there with nature and people i care about. *wistful smiley sigh*

Got to love the amenities (newly renovated) too though i can expect to see it tranformed for the worse in a few months time, with the usual wear and tear as well as lovely contributions from inconsiderate users.

I felt like i was showering in a resort-themed loo, or a stable or something. The ceiling wasn't your usual white and flat ceiling but the toilets were housed under this huge wooden shelter that covers all the showers as well as toilets.
When you tilt your head up, you'll see the ceiling fans twirling round and around above you. Quite shiok when you are doing your stuff in the toilet. Hee.
(note: i may have misjudged the height of the ceiling though, 'cos my glasses were off)

The feeling you get is one of openness without the fear of being peeped at. Yet you feel the free flow of fresh air. I like.

We even bought pictures of our pretty selves. ;-) Muah haha. Erm, what happens is that photographers will come by and ask if you would like to take photos, of which you can later view and buy as a souvenir at the Island Shop. Not bad you know... Sentosa has their own line of clothing too now. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

wow sounds fun....i haven been to beach for donkey years cos i m scared of sun....did u apply sun block??? every hr??did u bring a hat???

my sch is on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere(nth to eat...no kopitiam watsoever)i m going to bring my own food until next mth when there will be a new posting agn

Anonymous said...

the whole place is very isolated. only 1 bus.i lost my way this morning....heng got this ah pek,nono uncle gave me the rite instructions.

it is quite nice the convent is very new.

joline said...


yes, i did... and probably as a result, didn't even get tanned at all. Not one bit! Quite amazing since we spent hours in the sun.

Yeah, good idea... Bring your own food. It can be depressing when you're stuck some far away from civilization with nothing to eat. heh. Uhm, why not ask the other people who work with you where they usually eat?

Anonymous said...

she brought her own stuff to eat. she is retiring soon...so i doubt i will see much of her later. anyway today i m sick with cold...nv go work.alamak

joline said...


Yikes. Better take it easy today yeah. Have those tissues nearby. Seeing a doc?

I see. But isn't there anyone else working in the school? Surely there're other people too...?

Anonymous said...

only a few office stuff....nothing much. even dental therapists are taking leave at other places. wich reminds me i cant go on holiday in oct this yr!!!aiyo sum ruling that i cant take leave within the 1st 3 mths of work.oh bother

Anonymous said...

sch has only one male teacher.the kids are pretty good, being a gers sch. Nice and good oral hygiene.

Joline said...


Seems quite relaxed for now. :-) Ok, how about asking those office staff?