Monday, June 05, 2006

One of my all time favourite movies HAS to be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

This sounds crazy but i'm going to plan a schedule for myself to read up on the most recently completed sem's textbooks once through again. It's a whole load of beneficial information missed out during the academic writing frenzy. I don't want to slack off too much either lest i forget what i should know for the next semester.


It is usually after an enjoyable day out with a friend or friends that i always wonder to myself when in solitude: How many of these people will be friends who stick around for life?

Some friends may marry off, and some may not. Either way, there's a chance that some part of their lifestyle may pull them away from you. Or, emotional distance and connection between two people become so ghostly thin that it stops one party from reaching out to the other, or from reciprocating the request that was extended. Worse, what if something horrible happens...

There are only so many friends with whom you can really stick tight to. It's kind of like you have a core group, then a next group outside the core, and so forth. The people staying within a group may not be static, and may move from group to group over time. But there will always be a group left on the outside, and those are the ones at risk of being lost, and possibly for good.


Trekking 10km is nothing like running 10km.

A group of 5 of us took to the reservoir so that we could reach that tree top trail that we've been dreaming about venturing across. Thank God that the weather was great on sunday morning, a.k.a merciless searing hot sun, blue skies and white turfs of clouds.

Throughout the 10km, we walked our way through stony paths that wound their way through the forest sometimes bring us upslope and downslope. Other times we padded on soft black soil that felt almost like a carpet beneath our footwear. We also strolled parallel to the SICC golf course on a patch of open land under the perfect sky that made us feel like we weren't quite in Singapore. (we tried to ignore the concrete buildings in the far distance) And the finale was a walk on a 2km long wooden boardwalk that snakes itself between the edges of the forest and the fringe of the reservoir.

As much as i know that all good things will need to come to an end, the tree top walk could've been made looonnggerrr.......... But i loved being up there. Downright exhilarating (for me at least)! Being high above the ground, looking across the canopy of green, feeling the heat beat down and the slight carress of the cool wind on my skin. Looooovvvved it. :-) It was interesting to absorb in the smells and sights, observing how our climate allows for such a diversity of flora. Looking down, you'll see a variety of shapes and sizes of leaves in a small area of land.

One of the most memorable parts was of the climbing up of this tall er... wooden structure thingy that allows you to overlook the vast greenery and enjoy the cool breeze with the direct heat of the sun. It was too bad that not many people seemed to have the fear of heights because shortly after we came up, more people started trooping up which meant that we had to get down or else we all might end up going down together in one atrociously huge lump, wooden structure and all, whether we planned to or not. Boo. Good thing we've got pictures to remember those moments. :-)

I particularly enjoyed walking on the open land next to the golf course because the grass was so green, the sky so brilliant and the air was so fresh. There was little noise too, a kind of peace and quiet that feels alien to us city dwellers. The boardwalk later on also proved to be a perfect spot for people who want to meditate beside the quiet of the forest and slow moving water. If i had gone alone, i'd have chosen to stay there for a while. The silence that descended when one stills one's heart, is pleasantly intoxicating.

Nothing like a good workout in the morning with good friends, i must say.

Next up, more meet ups and a beach trip with my homie. Toodlee Doo!


GeRmAiNe said...

gahh...when did u do the trekking? if it's today, i was running at macritchie's just too bad that i didn't cya there.

Joline said...


rah... (gah and rah rhymes) we went on a sunday morning. Woah, you gao tim 10km? O.O

ISSYIZZY said...

haha..remember how we were talking about the night sky while walking towards macs..and predicting if it was going to rain or not?haha..glad there was no rain...

joline said...


Oh yeah! *nod* Indeed... :-) Thank God it didn't rain. It was cloudy today, thought it was going to pour too, especially with the forecast over the radio that it would. Hope you'll get your rainy night perfect for sleeping soon. Teehee. :-)

Eliss said...

did u see xmen 3? i did today. so sad that cyclops died so early. still like storm the best. and mystique became powerless.Whopeeeeee

joline said...


Hahhaaa... why? Do u not like Mystique? Yeah, i watched it. And did u stay till the end when the credits had finished rolling? There was a very short but interesting snippet that could very well clue us in on the next X-men... IV? :-)

Eliss said...

I didnt get the meaning of that part. i thot the Professor got a new life....another xmen? I think it means there is gonna be another xmen 4??? my frend likes mystique cos her skin ver nice and diff to make like that....i love storm!!nice hair. But if u let me choose i prob like the power of flying. the wings look cool man.wich power u wld like to have?

joline said...


I agree. Gotta love the way the wings open and displays itself in its full glory.
Good question. Which power would i want? Hmmmm... The possibilities are endless. And i think that being able to heal yourself is pretty useful.
Ehm, according to WR, he thinks that it could be that Charles's mind inhabited another person's body. Haha, that's his hypothesis which seems plausible especially if you remember that question he posed the students about whether it is ethical to inhabit another person if s/he (the unconscious person) has no mind of his/her own.

Eliss said...

tats what my frends said too

Eliss said...

i am going to faint liao. orginally thot start work in july but they just called me to go next mon.aiya i tink u wun see me here anymore. nitemare begins...i haven slack enuff

lakeside girl said...

I HEART LOTR(the movie)!!!

Let me squeeze in a little rant since i'm here:


Demand > Supply!!!

THeir elasticity of demand is sooooooooo.......!!!!

=^_^= said...

Oh definitely! Book to film movies usually don't pan out as good but LOTR is a worthy adaptation.
Love it!

joline said...


Acckkkk, oh man! That's just too sudden! :-S Guess you'll need to mentalty prep yourself soon...

Lakeside Girl:

Wahahaha, i know, i know darling. It's annoying isn't it. I also want more SALES!!! *picketing and railing* Otherwise i cannot afford anything.

Yay! Another LOTR supporter.


Who says girls only like cheesy romantic shows or chick flicks?! Pffftt. Go LOTR! Hoo ya. 8-D

Anonymous said...

they called us on thu and told us to start the coming mon. some of my frends are like not going to start cos they cant stop their temp work so fast.gosh! but the good thing is the bond we have with the place will stop earlier. Still i am not prepared. I have not even buy my graduation clothes. I think i just wear some lousy attire.Bah~~~~

joline said...


Aiyooo........ :-S Wish i could do something to help you. Guess today was your first day at work. How was it?

Anonymous said...

ok not too bad. I am officially reporting to my sec sch(i cant say wat it is but it is a convent sch)tmr. Wowwww so interesting cos we do things differently from what we used to do. Tmr is the start of my new life~~~~

joline said...


I think that to begin with positive thoughts on what is to come is a very uplifting start to your new journey. :-) Your sec sch is a convent school.....? Hmm. I don't remember it to be so.

Anonymous said...

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