Thursday, August 18, 2011

I could have been born anywhere in this world. I could have been born in poverty, or a place where the news of Jesus has not been reached. I could have been born into a rich family, or a messed up family, rich or poor or average.

But God put me here. I know what comfort is. I also know pain. I know who God is because of my upbringing and being in a community that has helped lead me in my walk with God. I may not be in the most perfect situation, as there are always worst, or better.

And I see, that i have much to be thankful for. I don't know the whole picture, but there must be reasons for me to be here and not somewhere else. And that's comforting to know. :)


Lucille♥Love said...

Perhaps...either way, I guess nothing is really fair in this world...

Lucille♥Love said...

Sometimes I wanna pack my bags and leave. Except that we just have to stay here for now.

tearz in heaven said...

boy. i thot i m the moody one.....lets hug and cry.

Lucille♥Love said...

sure, sigh. isn't it sad? these days even hugging has to be done online.

Joline said...

oh dear, did i sound moody? on the contrary, this was actually a post to celebrate being thankful! haha. :)

but yes Lucille, despite being thankful, i agree that sometimes that thoughts comes along... to just pack and leave altogether.

hate pimplez said...

i want to be a bird in my next life. no more pimples for me. jo, any good remedy for pimples?

Lucille♥Love said...

Haha ya..sigh..tough to be emotional creatures..mmm it's like after emo it's back to normal. I miss doing things together...e.g eating t ur food =p.

joline said...


huh... bird? pimples? hahah, link?

uh, i'm always plagued by pimples so i'm not the best person to ask. but if there's anything i've learnt from all these pimples, it would be:

1) use as little creams as possible to prevent pore clogging
2) use a good clay mask to absorb oil after a long day of being out/having used make up or BB cream, etc
3) Use a scrub regularly.
4) Stick to the same brand of skincare if it works. (i use the DHC acne range, facial wash and toner, and the tea tree scrub from Aesop)


yeah... i know. oh well, at least after the emo session, can get back to normal. :)

aloe ha said...

bird in paradise dun have worries and zits mah. i realised aloe vera gel works leh. my colleague lent me one from GNC and it is good not only for zits(i realised those small zits on my forehead are gone), it is great as moisturiser and insect bites too.

joline said...


that's good then, stick with that since it works. :)

oh yeah, i wanted to add. when i buy products, i try to look out for ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree, lavender, basically natural essential oils from plants. I generally try to go for products that have as many natural ingredients rather than chemical stuff.

zzen said...

my sis said it is still far. she nt decided yet. haiz. i guess many things are on her mind now. nvm, next time i get married, i fast fast chop ur the way i found a mac website thru fb. u can check it out. some are like exotic? i dunno wat they taste like.

joline said...


Sure, no prob. :)

yes! i've heard of Obolo... i've eaten their macarons before. the shop is at joo Chiat. :) quite nice macarons!

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