Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hey folks! Man... I'm not sure if anyone comes by anymore, other than my dear friend Zzen. :)

Guess I've just been enjoying my time while waiting for my results of the dissertation, which is back. Not too great, not to nasty either. Out of two reviewers, one called for major changes. I'm given 2 months to complete it, but I'm not going to take all that long... Yes, I'm enjoying my student life, but I think it's about time to get out and earn my keep. Time to save for my big day as well... :)

I've been cooking more, doing stuff in the kitchen so that mum doesn't have to prep dinner when she gets home. Which is fine with me. I love cooking Every opportunity i get, i'd do it!

Posted a couple of posts on my food blog... With more to come. *sly smile*

A church mate asked if I would like to be her baker for her wedding dessert table. OH. HOW COULD I GIVE UP THAT OPPORTUNITY?! I'm honestly THRILLED by the prospect. As much as I would LOVE to do table deco, I know I don't have the experience for that, so we're leaving that to her aunt. I'll just be concentrating on the food.

The theme is "summer" and "pink". So I've got a list of 7 items right now (jie and i sat together to think and research), and maybe I've got to think of a few more, that I'm going to propose to her. I'm not going to do all 7 of course. I'm pretty much a one man show, so... it would be too heavy on me! Thankfully, the choices I've picked are not too fussy. Maybe except for the macarons. But those... those are Divas. And Divas are fussy.

So, with these 7 items and more to come, I'll be doing my experimentation and there'll be photos aplenty. Hoo yeah!


IzzyBellyHoo said...

I came by!!! Always enjoy reading your blog Jo! <3 And glad for the news on the dissertation and those gigs to cook! ;)

Much love <3

zeennnn said...

me loves this blog. i always come here after a day's work. Jo ur blog is pretti therapeutic. if i not studying, i will be keen to start baking n cooking too!

Lucille♥Love said...

I came by me blog open again...summer pink? Think jasmine fragrance, n hot pink...

joline said...


hey issy, aww thanks. It means a lot to know that you are still sticking around. I like being able to keep connecting this way. and it's soo encouraging to know that you enjoy this space. :D


:))) you're my ultra super loyal reader over all these years! and similarly... you don't know how much it means to me to know that you find some kind of therapeutic effect reading all about my normal, daily stuff. haha. well, you do come up with some pretty good ideas for me too you know! like, the tiramisu macaron idea. ;)


thanks girl. :) which blog are you referring to?

yeah, the bride was thinking baby pink, and rich reds, and shades around those lines.

loyal fans said...

i like coming here. ur writing is honest,sincere,warm...i love SINGAPORE~~happy national day~ hw about pink macs with pink rose petals, or pink plates,with pastel heart paper deco. or little ponies ard the plates.marbles look nice.

zen said...

how abt bandung macs.or rose flavored macs.oh la la. heh heh hehhhhhhhhh. wats is XH daughter's chinese name? she is pretty cute.

Rainbow 'n' cloudz said...

u knw i wonder if u dun have this blog, wat will i do online? it is like everytime i come hm from work, n i get online, i always come here to see hw u r doing. i come here on weekends aftn too. u know, if u ever open a cafe, i will go n support u!!! u can probably tink of saving a tidy sum, after like 5 yrs of saving, u can open a cosy shop n ur frends,me,library gang, church mates will flood ur cafe....i suddenly tink of a nice deco signboard for u: a cute little rainbow with a cloud.

Lucille♥Love said...

The one in your blog list
Hmmm...sometimes I write in tumblr
It's linked in my blog.
Anyway, will drop by here if I can...

Lucille♥Love said...

Could u link ur food blog at the side
Bar? So Tat it'll be easier to get to...

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