Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Ever Chewy Choco Chunk Cookie

I am forever indebted to this person whose blogpost i stumbled upon while looking up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. She made changes to the popular new york times cookie recipe and came up with her own and you know, i'm a fan of it after trying it just ONCE! Left her a thank you comment but since she posted the recipe almost a year ago, hmm... not too sure if she'll know. But anyhow, all credit goes to her.

I see she's a reader of The Pioneer Woman too! :D

I wish the lighting was better here but yup! Hope this entices you enough to go try it out. I halved the recipe and it still worked beautifully, just so you know.


Anna said...

Thank you for linking to my chocolate chip cookie recipe! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. Some other things to try for a twist: replace half the brown sugar with raw sugar (adds a nice flavor and the teeniest bit of crunch). Make your own vanilla with bourbon. Let the dough sit a full 72 hours (although you will inevitably only have half the dough you started with), the cookies truly have a different texture and a toffee-like taste that is amazing. Cheers, Anna@TallgrassKitchen

Lara said...

Looks delicious!

Lucille♥Love said...

Is the MRT line open near your house yet?...

joline said...


Wow, am honoured to have you drop by my humble space. :)

Thanks for the tips for twists! Yeah, i probably won't have the patience to wait out 72 hours and yes... chilled dough is extremely delicious as well. Yum. ;D


I gobbled three when they came out from the oven... haha. but they do taste a lot better after the dough gets to rest for 24-72hrs as Anna mentioned. I encourage you to try out her recipe!


Not yet. But it's looking close to being done.

wheatgerm said...

This blog makes me hungry

Joline said...


hahaha, wait till you take a look at this:
this one plain just makes me fat just by looking through the photos.