Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is a picture of my little furry angel, Jed. You don't see much of him here because he's so black, just maybe the outline of his black pointy ears. It amazes me how perceptive he can be. To most people, he's just a yappy, crazy inconsiderate dog, but to me, he's my precious 4-legged family who can be extremely human sometimes.

There's a story behind this photo of course. I had apparently eaten something wrong at lunch time on monday and got food poisoning. So i spent pretty much the whole of monday and tuesday in bed.

And true to being man's best friend, he kept me company. He would hop onto my bed every chance he got when he found me lying there, find a nice tight corner beside me and cuddle right in. All day while i was in bed and all night, for the 2 whole days/nights. On other nights, he might wander from room to room, but this time he was constantly by my side.

Somehow, he could sense that i needed some extra love, some extra comfort and quiet company. And his loyal K9 heart didn't fail to deliver.


Lesley said...

Hey there, just stumbled on your blog and think it's lovely! Lovin this post about Jed. He's super cute! My dog knows when I'm sick and gives me extra snuggles accordingly.

joline said...


Hi there Lesley! :) Nice to see you here, and thanks for dropping your sweet comment. :D It's wonderful how dogs just know what their humans need. Jed's a miniature pinscher, and is fiercely loyal. To his owners, and to food. Haha, it's a close fight as to who takes first place! Your dog sounds so loving and intuitive too. :)

Just thinking out loud... i wish our K9 pets would have longer life spans!

zeen said...

jed is ur darling....huhuhu....dogz rules! but hor i still abit scared of real dogs leh. even cute cute toy dogs also scared.haiz. i m so ......GEEZ

joline said...


Aiyo, i hope that one day you will experience the awesomeness of a really really really sweet dog! They really aren't scary at all. They were after all bred to be man's partners... They will love you when you love them. :)

zzen said...

huh no tks, i m still scared of them.i like puss in the boots cute.wats the meaning of k9?

joline said...


K9 is a slang that just means "dog". :)

haha, i think dogs behave more like that particular puss in boots, while cats don't always behave like that.

Anonymous said...

oh woh, i like tat cat the most, but not in real life, in real life, cats are creepy.heehehhe at least dogs arent like tat.