Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yes. I've finally bought my equipment (i think the baking pans could be better though) and curiousity got the better of me... And so i've begun trying my hand at making the Diva Biscuits, aka the Macarons. The instructions looked easy enough. I soon found out it isn't about the steps. It's the technique.

I'm a fan of these sweet little monsters (you'll see why i call them monsters soon). And when i say i'm a fan, i really mean a slobbering, shifty wide-eyed, hyperventilating creature with a maniacal smile plastered all over her face, whenever i see macarons in the distance. Ask Gem if you don't believe me. I'm quite adept at shapeshifting like that.

Won't say too much, and let the photos do the talking.

Macarons have infinite ways of going wrong. Out of 2 trays, only 1/4 of them can be known to survive. My heart gets broken often by these tyrants. But i think my oven is partly to blame too.

Flat, porous, feetless pancakes. Friend says they look like japanese crackers. Too true!

More japanese prawn crackers. Meh. These were hollow, feetless and porous.

These miraculously had feet, but were sticky, flat and altogether just ridiculous.

After many tries, these macarons were born... Orange blossom with lemon curd filling, and rose with white chocolate filling.
Did them the italian meringue way which i will stick to for the moment since i've had some success with it. Making macarons the french meringue way has resulted in 100% failure rate out of the three times i have tried it! But i WILL get down to making them at some point in time.
Right now, i'm going to use the italian meringue method to experiment with different flavours. I think it's going to be green tea and white chocolate soon. And i so need a macaron flavour directory right now. Whoopee!


weird said...

But i dont undstd.If the mix is the same, hw come some macarons are ok but others arent? is it the mix not even, or the oven not same temp at diff areas?

joline said...


the mix is different, and the methods are different (french vs italian). also, the oven temp does not follow what it says on the dial, doesn't regulate the temperature properly and it has hotspots (some parts are hotter than others)

Lucille♥Love said...

nice pink...

joline said...


i agree! :)
it gives me a nice feeling just looking at the rosy pinkness of it.

IzzyBellyHoo said...

beautiful macarons! i luv them macarons! :)))

joline said...


thanks issy. oh, another macaron lover! :DD
do u like all that sugar?

IzzyBellyHoo said...

i love the violet ones from canele best! the sugar high i get is ok once in awhile :)) everything in moderation :)))

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