Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's so hard to fight through challenges while knowing and accepting that at this tender age you do not yet have much knowledge or experience. There are expectations to be met and you feel as if there is no choice but to pressure yourself into producing something "out of your league", even though it sounds impossible.

But if i did something less than expected, though within my capability, would people be forgiving and understanding enough to see the realities?


I think, i *think*, i know for a fact that my heart lies in the social work/counselling arena. It is about one of the very few things that have been a constant beam of light in my life and that makes my heart and mind tick. I guess... this would be my passion and where i shall head towards after all the schooling is over.

So, have i FINALLY narrowed down my choices? To clinical psych or counselling psych? Looks like it. I'll take one final look at my range of choices and start on my applications. God, please lead me.


Anonymous said...

are u sure? social work and counselling is far more complicating than u think. are u willing to 'help' old pple whose house stinks? or mentally ill pple?

Anonymous said...

i think u wont like this field if u are me. u haven met many major setbacks to realise that this world is full of rotten things. things pple cant do much to help. well. i definitely dun want to join social work. this society has got too much complicated matters.u wont understand unless u r me. unless u r my family who met with many unfortunate things. things even police and social workers cant help alot. well, not just this recent issue i have with my sis. tats nth compared to other matters i have met. so well, i m not tats supportive of this career move of urs. sorry to say, but u need to seriously consider things. i think i sound harsh. but really, it is for the best interests of u

joline said...


it's true that i have not experienced or really seen how rotten the world can present itself to be. i am not completely fixed on my decision, but it is the very reason that because the world is like this, that i feel motivated. maybe i'm still living in my bright eyed and bushy tailed world, but i guess i will never know how i will fare until i step into this area. i have heard how social workers at times cannot help at all, but there are some people who still can be helped. and it is that difference that this society needs. i guess u and i come from differing standpoints, but it's ok. :-D