Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The boy cooked lunch for me! (backdated post from 11th Aug '07)

The raw pacific dory fish to be seared to perfection!

He bought me one of my favourite mushrooms.... Portabellos. Ooooohhh, yum. :-D

The Cook

The Cooking Cook

Fish and mushrooms are almost ready! Joline was salivating by then. Deliciously tasty, soft, juicy, boneless fish fillet. Oooh man!

Taken by the window for natural lighting. And yes, he bought me roses. :-D Cheesy grin and all. Teehee.

On the plate: fish, bread with olive oil, romane lettuce, mushrooms. On the side: Oreo choc with wafer, choc cake and grape juice (not wine). Absolutely scrumptious!

I am sooooooo fortunate. :-D

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