Monday, January 15, 2007

I have a beautiful piece of news, and it's all thanks to GOD!

Well, last year i was in a tough administration fight with SIM over the schedule of my modules: the only two modules that i can take this semester clash, same day, same time. So that meant that i had no choice but to make certain sacrifices as to which lessons i could go for.

Then, shortly after i gave in to the rigid system, with horror i realized that both these modules fall on friday night, that is, the night on which i have cell group, kinda like a bible study group.

Cell group has been a very integral part of my life since 2004, because it's where my life took a turn for the better as i grew in my walk with the Lord. With this additional problematic layer, i ultimately had three things at the same time and i can't possibly tear myself into 3 parts.

I spoke to some of my church mates about this, and they prayed for me and the situation, and submitted it to God.

Well, yesterday i checked my timetable again and without notice from the school, i discovered that both my modules have been shifted to mondays. Which means that fridays are free for cell group! Praise God!

My modules still clash, but i'm sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that i can triumph over this with God by my side.

Like what Mer, WR and Dom have said, God has a beautiful way of working with and for his people as he works behind the scenes to bring us through. Even in times when things look so impossible, look up to the one who specializes, masters, majors, in impossibilities, and you'll know that he'll take care of it in his time according to his plan.

Somehow, i wasn't worrying too much about this before because i knew that God wouldn't want me to miss out on cell group, which is a place where we come together to praise and seek God and fellowship with other Christians, UNLESS he had other plans for me. Like, going to another cell group? Haha.

Thanks to all of you who've been praying and asking me about the state of school affairs.

So yeah, bring it on! I'm all prepared, and ready.


Anonymous said...

alamak i dun even know tat pic is from there!!arghhhh comp idiot....arghhhh ...outdated liao...see how i tell u i age the way, it is nice to know that God works in small ways. u know ur prayers are never too small to hear! Bless u

joline said...


haha, no lah. There are a lot of other stuff i don't know about that you know too. Yes! Our prayers are never too small for Him to care about... Cos He loves all of us! Hope you feel encouraged by that. God bless you too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think my prayers are heard too. cos i m going to sngs for one more day! every thu!great...can stay away from pri sch kids, i dun mind at all....hahaha

Anonymous said...

hello!! ok i noe i commented on u not having a tagboard n how mah fun it is for me to log in n post a comment heh...but it's so ironic ur tagboard is up but i cannot tag! something shld be wrong wif me com..anyways...i am super glad that the lord answered ur prayers :) see u tomolo in cell, enjoy the rest of ur hols ;)issy

joline said...


hahaha... aiyo. i can imagine your relief and glee. Well dear, i really do hope that you'll be able to find your calling in life once your bond is over. (read your blog entry)


wahaha... actually, i'm puzzled over why u need to log into blogger before u can post. cos for me, i can just click the radio button that says "other", than i can just type my name into the "name" box, without having a link attached to it and i dont have to sign in.

haha, oh man, ok what is it exactly that doesn't allow u to tag?

YEA!!! See you tmr too... :-) I will share of God's goodness at cell. ;-)