Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am...

I'm amazed at the amount of thoughts on life lessons and observations that go through my head and get processed while i iron. Not a good reason to iron, but you get what i mean. As quick as the thoughts come, i forget them just as easily once i'm done with my pile of clothes. Bah.

I've just switched to the new blogger as you can tell and i'm still trying to take everything in, being the technoidiot i am.

Anyway, today i just thought i'd remind myself of the "who i ams". Often times i forget the myriad of roles that make up "me", and i make the mistake of unwittingly glossing over my responsibilities and the tasks linked to each identity.

This isn't prompted by the first sermon of the year, but somehow it just clicks and seems appropriate to do at this point in time. Oh and yeah, it's got nothing to do with that mostly poignant "I am" meme either.

So..., I AM:

A beloved child and willing servant of the Most High King, Jesus Christ.

A family member of the Lim clan, daughter, and unofficial part-time Maria.

A family member of the Ng Clan, a cousin AND aunty to cousins' kids.

Weirong's significant other.

A friend to all my friends. Not wise to list out the different groups here though. :-)

A Birthday I/C.

A cell attendence taker.

A member of, and a keyboardist in the Youth Worship Ministry @ COOS, playing in my band: Tehillah.

One fifth of a leadership.

A sort of leader helping out with the worship ministry understudies.

A rusty compound Archer, and sort of absent ACS committee member.

A Student of UniSIM, doing and loving psychology, hoping to be of some help to people one day.

A front desk worker at a certain psychology centre.


Ok, reckon this's all i can think of for the moment. Getting rather drowsy, i suspect it's the cough syrup i took earlier on.


Pope @ David said...

I'm honoured to be part of yr "I am's" XD

You are most precious to me too (",)

Pope @ David said...

oh yea, when's yr tag-board coming heh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

xiaxue has come under attack. i think she is too much this time. i feel so angry after reading her childish post

lakeside girl said...

Thanks babe, it was great seeing u today! Sorry i was such a wreck after braving the torrential rain in the afternoon, haha.

Cya again! Take cares! :D

joline said...

pope @ david:

:-DDDDD Can you also tell me that a bit more often? Reassurance is nice..... hehehehehehhee. :-p *wink*

Oh, er, tagboard... :-( Kinda procrastinating that one but it'll come sooner or later i promise.


Izzzit? Ok, i go see. Actually lately i've not been able to access the internet at home so i can't read blogs, etc. I'm only able to do this now cos i'm at work. Wahaha.

lakeside girl:

WRECK? WRECK?! Hardly! You looked fresh as a lily, and tell me, who was the one with her stuff hanging all over the place and was talking in incoherent spurts?

Anyways... Yeah man, the last time we ever talked face to face was prolly back in JC. Yikes. :-( It was great seeing you toooo, wish we could've talked a bit more though. :-)