Saturday, June 25, 2011

Typing out this post from my iPhone! But I wonder if there's a better and more mobile way to blog on the go. Sorry folks tt it's been quiet here. I've been having quite a lot of thoughts. But just havent had the time or patience to sit still and get the thoughts in order.
I should be back when I'm thrown work to do and tts when I'll be stuck in front of my computer. Haha.

As for the macaron business. Received another request to provide macs for a friend's house warming! Am very honoured and really want to give it my best. :)


IzzyBellyHoo said...

hahaha...smartphones are rather smart eh? ;) have fun! :)

joline said...

they are! i am amazed at the things it can do in comparison to my samsung jet (that marketed itself as a smartphone... like real man. seriously. hahahha...)