Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Made green tea macarons today! They were pretty much a success because i decided to be patient and pipe less macarons on each baking tray. It minimised the number of fail macs so for once i had more "pass" than "fail' mac shells. Gave most of them to 2 friends by the end of the day and i'm hoping they like 'em. It's really a pleasure to just bake and give the outcomes away. I'm enjoying the baking process so much so that the pleasure is all in the baking and not the eating.

I kept the fail ones to eat and one nice one to take a shot of and post it here tomorrow.

So far i've been achieving some level of success with the italian meringue method, but i still have that annoying problem of having a hollow space in between the shell and the base. Oh well. They taste fine, but perhaps the texture isn't quite so satisfying.

I'm quite determined to achieve success with the french meringue method. In all my 4 attempts, i've failed 4 times. But i'm not throwing the towel in yet. I've already got my egg whites aging on the dining table, waiting for their turn to be made into macarons... i need ideas on what flavour i should attempt next.

So far, i've done:
- rose with white chocolate filling
- chocolate with chocolate and vanilla-peppermint filling
- green tea with white chocolate and passionfruit ganache/chocolate peppermint filling
- lemon/orange blossom with lemon curd filling

hmm, what's next? Maybe...

- chocolate with salted caramel
- vanilla/chocolate with peppermint buttercream
- chocolate with butterscotch filling
- some fruit thingy...?
- some cinnamon thingy?
- some lavender thingy?

I owe my sister a pure peppermint one with crushed candy canes in the filling. Am trying to devise a yummy way of making that macaron.

Going to zonk out now, in 3,2,1.


Lucille♥Love said...

wow...would like to have tea over at your place for macaroons sometimes :P...esp the green tea ones...

joline said...


:) sure! maybe we can have a macaron party for us sugar lovers.

i could not taste the green tea much actually because i didn't put too much powder/the filling was too overpowering. the first time i did it, the powder was way too much and hence too bitter and killed the macaron. totally inedible. i'll find a way to make the green tea mac taste like green tea.

Lucille♥Love said... tea powder is pretty using green tea leaves extract?

*not that I know baking stuff ..but I've tried some japanese tea biscuits...the aroma that lingered on my buds tasted like the drink itself*

z said...

hw abt red bean filling? or orange/apple/pear/durian/tiramisu?hey yn, thks for dropping by my office today.

joline said...


how do i get the extract from the tea leaves? i'm wondering, wouldn't the flavour be muted somewhat?


yup, there is a red bean filling suggestion that i've seen before. not sure how to make it yet though. :)

durian sounds yummy... :)
tiramisu too! :D

Lucille♥Love said...

add boiling water? :P

z said...

hw abt vanilla? MILO DINOSAUR! teh tarik! coconut!wow, let ur imagination fly. today i ate a durian tapioca cake. wow, it is heavenly. i gonna go to northpoint to buy it for my parents to eat.

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