Thursday, September 30, 2010

See a cute daschund ("sausage dog") somewhere? :)
This was how the top of my butter cake looked like, having cracked open on the top after being baked. Gem spotted it. The artist he is. :)


zzenn said...

ur cake is so cute!

joline said...


hee... and it tasted yummy too so that's a bonus. i still need to find out how to bake it at an optimum temperature.

monday zen said...

jo, ur creations always look so cute and yummy!baking and cooking are one of ur gifts leh! tmr is monday n i got serious monday blues.just sian la. every monday also sian one.

joline said...


sorry to hear that gal.... aiyo.

thanks for your encouragement and faith in me! HAHA. u haven't even tasted any of my creations somemore! HAHA!

z said...

of cos! i have immense faith in u.WHOOTS!